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Zidane: the class is a matter of chance to bogeba – Sohu Zidane: Real Madrid sports class is going   although Zidane introverted, but in the face of friends or are willing to open their hearts. As his team mate, Dugary on a chat show on Zidane were interviewed, Real Madrid coach Mourinho, Ancelotti in the past said he learned a lot of things around. I know my own shortcomings, especially in Mourinho, Ancelotti learned a lot of things around, more aware of the lack of. The current Real Madrid training, I have 8 points to Valdebebas Sports City, until 11 in the evening. I can do something else next, after half a year or a year are possible, but I will enjoy the time, such as driving every day watching the passing scenery, I tell myself, as the Real Madrid coach is so unbelievable. I wouldn’t worry about being fired, because it’s a morning and evening." The recent Real Madrid games four Lianping results, this Zidane said: "in fact in the draw with Villarreal after we have been trying to solve the problem, but now the complex problem. I think there is a state of mind, rather than physical fitness. I told the players to take turns, because you can’t always be in good shape. C Ronaldo was replaced with a temper, which is normal, he always wanted to fight for the team. But to know that no one can play for one season all more than and 60 games, the European Cup, a lot of people need plenty of rest, and 98 years after the world cup that season, I feel very bad play." Speaking of Benzema, Zidane said: "his body there are problems, but still continue to adjust, the match against Ewald, he is not playing 25 minutes, the future he will recover soon. Benzema is actually a very hard working player, after the end of the training, he will take the initiative to practice. And Benzema is eager to return to France, but I don’t want to go back now." The Real Madrid coach said: "since Casey Milo was injured, we have two players who can play in that position, Llorente is a genius, I believe he will have a good future in the real development, but now we will rent him, want him to ensure adequate time, increase the experience. We do not have too many people go this summer, has not signed a large number of new players together to see what will happen next summer. Morata return to the team a lot, Asensio also proved himself to be a versatile player, he knows that sometimes his condition is good, also can not participate in all competitions." Valane this summer because Zidane will stay at Real Madrid, talked about the defender, Zidane said: "he is growing day by day, and have a strong desire to attack. I can feel that he is getting stronger and stronger, but he should communicate more with me. It’s not a problem for the defender to make mistakes." Whether the future could be in charge of Paris Saint Germain or the French national team? Zidane gives a negative answer. "Coach of the French national team? I do not think so much, I am now at Real Madrid, and Deschamps)相关的主题文章:

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