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Yunnan college commencement ceremony president new student: we are logging tired – Yunnan network news (reporter Gao Yimeng) in addition to the solemn and solemn ceremony, the opening ceremony can be a bit fresh? The answer is: YES! The day before, Yunnan Normal University staged a "heart" at the opening ceremony, the scene Ancient Chinese Literature Search performances, apprentice ceremony and new features constantly exciting, but the most surprising is president Jiang Yongwen’s opening remarks, "we are logging tired, important things said three times" and other popular language closer to the new distance, in addition. The principal zhichuo heart message is like Shuabing verse "," capital of the harvest of teachers and students praise"! The opening ceremony is divided into three chapters, the first chapter of "special education teachers" around the little word "teacher" is the extraordinary expansion component. The fusion of Confucianism, and Ancient Chinese Literature Search opera "music" in the antique and hand book scholar interpretation, the normal university in the minds of historical feelings to light…… When the bell rang, under the leadership of the host, three new bow line coach ceremony, an important ceremony of admission, the second chapter "Ming De vowed" also kicked off. "From now on, we are one family to borrow your deeply attached to each other, in a word, that is we are (family) logging tired!" Mr Jiang Yongwen, down to earth words of welcome let the audience burst into applause. In this year’s enrollment of Yunnan Normal University, history etc. briefly, he quickly switched to the "verse frequent" mode. "Since there is a call for the opening ceremony, it is necessary for you to understand through this ceremony: what is the heart of the university? What is your first heart? How do you realize your heart at University?" Continuous throw about the beginning of the heart of the three questions, Jiang Yongwen in guiding everyone to think at the same time, also one by one interpretation. The university is not a vocational training, not a diploma wholesale Station, not a love test site, the university is a temperature, there is grace, there is mind, there are feelings of cultural and spiritual home." Jiang Yongwen said he understood the University at the beginning of heart can be summarized as "fortruth good training talents, innovation and development, and lead the demonstration of four aspects. "In fact, the university can give you, is with her unique culture, tradition and spirit, into your disposition, self-control, personality, explicit for your speech, behavior, habits, and the positioning coordinates of life, you improve your value, to your extraordinary construction." When speaking of the students in the beginning of the heart, Jiang Yongwen with excellent students, encourage students to learn and understand, explore the origin of things, pursuing self value at a higher level. So, in terms of freshmen, how to achieve the "heart" in the university? As has 32 years of teaching experience of teachers, Jiang Yongwen put forward five new expectations to students, namely "learned a professional, make a plan, develop an interest, make a group exercise a strong physique, good teachers and helpful friends". "The university is not sleep sleep better than the gentle, not to play games and the arena, don’t put the" dream "lost, only" homesickness ", Jiang Yongwen encouraged students every day more than others, two hours, four years.相关的主题文章:

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