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UnCategorized "If people are adrift in today’s job market, it’s because they haven’t yet identified their dream career." – Carolyn McCormick, Success Coach Carolyn McCormick (quoted above) is my coach, helping me stay consistently on track realizing my own dream career. The quote above is something she said to me very recently. It gave me pause. Too many of us have jobs; we work, exchanging time for money and are concerned with ‘not losing,’ i.e., not losing our job or position or income. We are not playing to win. There’s a big difference between playing to ‘not lose’ and playing to win. Playing to win means we have dream careers supported by dream income. We are fulfilled and happy. What is the difference between the two approaches? Those who play to win play full out; they determine what they want, what is best for them, what will make them happy and what will let them express themselves as fully as possible. Those who play to not lose stay in fear; play small and never look at their career dreams because they are so focused on not losing. They don’t look at what it takes to win that dream career, along with the dream income. They don’t let even the possibility enter their thinking. But those who play to win know that the secret to identifying and obtaining that dream career is found by focusing on their inner compass. It’s where they find their magnetic true North – where their interests, talents, desires and values all combine to literally point them in the direction of their dreams. We all have an inner compass, but not all of us have taken the time or had the support to learn what makes up our unique true North. Many people take career assessments. These can be helpful at identifying our unique abilities, some of them hidden or not yet developed. Personality assessments can help identify our traits and preferences. Prior accomplishments can help us articulate the skills, knowledge and abilities we’ve already developed. But the inner compass is made up of much more than that information. In the world of jobs, that information is germane and critical. Ultimately, though, it exists on the periphery of the inner compass. That is because the inner compass is made up of desires, needs, values and meaning that gives the drive to express certain qualities in the world. Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the inner compass. First, it is important to identify your life purpose. It’s not as hard as you think. It is usually generic, but it also relates to your unique situation. My coach, Carolyn McCormick, identifies her purpose as ‘waking up each morning learning and growing and being with other people who are also learning and growing.’ A good coach can help you uncover your life purpose. Next, you have to look at your core values. Most of us have 6-8 core values by which we live our lives. These may change over time as our emphasis shifts with age and life experiences. For example, you may identify compassion, kindness, integrity, beauty, financial security and care for others as your core values. Whatever core values you have, it is important that you recognize how you can use them as guides in identifying your dream career. If you violate any of your core values, you feel uneasy, and vaguely guilty. It is also not easy to focus on your true North if you are living apart from your core values. Once you understand your life purpose and your core values, you can then identify your talents and interests, adding them to the mix. The power of the inner compass is activated when you have identified all the various parts that make it up. It is then that you have enough inner power to move forward in the direction of your dreams. All the parts that make up the inner compass are congruent and support one another as you move forward. Dream careers are meaningful careers. And meaningful careers move from the inside out. Get to know the make-up of your inner compass so you can steer the career course you desire. About the Author: Anita Web Weaver is the owner of Design to Shine Consulting, offering coaching, mentoring and speaking services to help people shine, no matter what, in their career, their life and their health. Get her FREE Audio: 相关的主题文章:

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