You see what you see how! The old tenant quarrel tussle were injured in

" you see? " " " I look at you! The old tenant quarrel tussle are injured Beijing – Northeast news network October 10th October 8th 16 PM, Dongfeng Village Dongan sunshine apartment building B1 hall, 4 women. Then reporters rushed to the scene, a few people have truce, did not seem to account for cheap, a woman wearing a pink sweater lying in the arms of his companions, against the other two women squatting on one side. It is understood that the woman wearing a pink sweater to help a friend move, because the landlord did not have a good time, leading them not to move out, the new tenants on the door. Both sides have a lot of luggage, the house is very crowded, the new tenant urged the other side to move things away. "We packed our bags and moved them to the first floor hall, waiting for the bus. Then they went downstairs. I looked at them and they came to us." Powder woman said. The porter unpleasant evolved into what you look? "" you look good! "Drama, soon playing together, then said the physical discomfort, and reported to the police. Police rushed to the scene to persuade the two sides, the two sides eventually settled. (Daqing Yu Yang)相关的主题文章:

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