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You say Windows10 rotten?  : that’s because you don’t use –IT– people’s original title: you say Windows10 sucks? That is because you will not use Microsoft recently announced that in order to better promote Windows10, will be officially released in November 1st to stop selling and pre installed Win7 8.1 new computer system. The latest data show that the Win10 system has been ranked first in the world market share in several countries and regions, but the Chinese market is still less than Windows XP. Domestic users generally believe that the stability and compatibility of the new system is not good, so even if Microsoft does not upgrade free. In fact, Microsoft Windows 10 has a very beautiful UI and user-friendly interface, but you did not find. In this operating system, we will still see a lot of pleasant little changes, perhaps they will not be as obvious as the start menu, but ultimately will bring more convenience for our daily use. Since the launch of the virtual desktop win10 system, an important update is Task View (virtual desktop). So, what is the win10 virtual desktop? The so-called win10 virtual desktop, win10 refers to the multifunctional desktop, which can be a number of virtual desktop, let the program with a work on a table inside, another job is put into another virtual desktop, and let the work task more Tiaofenlvxi, office is arranged in good order! Switch the window interface only need to press the Win Tab key, click on the lower right corner of the new desktop, you can create a virtual desktop, the operation is very simple, switching the desktop is also using the Win Tab key. Note: the windows key is the key to the left of the ALT key. Inactive window mouse scrolling effect this function allows you to use the mouse wheel in the inactive window on the scrolling function. As a result, you may not have to click on the need to scroll the inactive window, but the page content scrolling operation. This feature has been implemented in some third party software, and now Microsoft officially set up in the setting of the function of the switch, very convenient. Demonstration of the left side of the inactive window, as long as the mouse to the left, do not switch, you can use the mouse to scroll. The start menu in Windows 7 system, uninstall the software is very difficult, only through the "control panel" option "program and function" to uninstall, now tall Win10 will simplify the problem, in the start menu program list, click the right mouse button to quickly reach the purpose of unloading. Fast lock screen is usually in our shortcut keys Windows L operation to achieve the purpose of fast lock screen, Windows 10 support cross platform is its biggest feature. Especially the increase of tablet and touch screen support, in the absence of an external keyboard case at the same time, according to the two button is very inconvenient, and by clicking on the start menu name, select "lock screen" to facilitate a lot. Custom quick)相关的主题文章:

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