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Yang Zhen 16144: Liverpool – May 1, Bourne guest "dangerous Mao VS Everton promotion: 01 weeks the British cup, Everton suspended Lukaku, Barry and Bynes Tracy, Bo and other main team this year League start eye-catching, so it will focus in the Premier League, British cup elimination is not difficult to understand. But don’t think that Bourne will go all out in the Mao Yinglian cup, they also made substantial rotation, the ultimate in overtime 2-3 not enemy Preston. This disk Everton guest Let flat half low water, the League 4 wins 1 flat start, Everton the guest is one-sided hot, I think the flat is more practical. 2, Liverpool (data) VS Hull city promotion: this year there is no European war in Liverpool, so the domestic cup should be a little bit of emphasis on the. The week of the British cup, Liverpool have a certain degree of rotation, but still have Coutinho, Firmino and other main first, but the two of them including Henderson, played only 60-70 minutes, so the physical impact is not too large. The disk is the two ball high water, the city of Hull at the beginning of the season to play Liverpool is not bad, this let the ball close to the limit, found no problem. 3, to promote Meader VS Spurs: 01 Meader thunder and little rain, as the most eye-catching team championship, so far only 1 wins, or "genius" Moyers at sunderland. The British Meader cup, the first round was eliminated. The week Tottenham British cup 5-0 win over opponents, I think Tottenham in the current lineup, youth has great potential, so they are very confident in the week of rotation. The disk guest Let the hemisphere high water, I looked for a long time, Meader felt the odds. 4, Storck VS sebro promotion: we are guessing 30 now, who will become the first premier class coach, Storck City coach Mark · Hughes ranking. The start of the 5 round, Storck only 1 points, British cup was also eliminated Hull city. Sebro British Cup did not play, this is the table. Disk Storck let flat half the high water, of course, there is no reason to optimistic about the game player, the game but I think Storck is likely to rebound. 5, Sunderland VS Crystal Palace promotion: 0 well, Moyers is another popular class. Although the week in the British cup 2-1 beat Rangers qualify, but the league has only 1 points, and Storck racing together bridle to bridle. The Crystal Palace sign this week after Turk firepower, British cup losing out, guess Pardew in mid week on the main? Obviously not. The disc deuce low water dish in Crystal Palace, Sunderland nearly 4 home court facing Crystal Palace 3 times played, the field level compensation if not falling may not come out to play. 6, promote Swansea VS Manchester City: 01 if in Barcelona (official data), in Bayern, Guardiola will not let the fans completely convincing, so Manchester (data) reborn at the beginning of the season, should make all the most critical eye to change their views. Week in the British Cup match, Guardiola made 19 year old Spanish midfielder Jesse Angelini O and Alex · · Garcia first, of course you.相关的主题文章:

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