Xi’an, Beijiao, a high-rise trapped elevator was suffered a sudden blackout-stellarium

Xi’an Beijiao a senior people trapped in an elevator is suffered a sudden power outage of western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Wei Maoyu) enthusiastic audience to reflect, said today (October 27th) more than ten points in the morning, a high-rise elevator in Xi’an Beijiao Sheng long square suddenly stopped at the five floor position, six people were trapped in the elevator, the staff of the property after the rescue, trapped in the elevator for nearly an hour before the six safety relief. More than twelve noon, reporters rushed to the elevator unit inside the building unit, a notice posted at the door of the property, said circuit due to sudden failure, lead to blackouts unit. Upstairs tenants and property staff said that the incident occurred the morning of trapped people, due to power outages caused by the. Residential tenants: is trapped inside the elevator, because it is a power outage." Residential property staff: "blackout, said the blackout." Reporter: people all right, residential property staff: no matter, we have rescued." Reporter learned from the power company staff learned that this power is indeed a sudden, so small can not advance received notice of power failure, which led to lift due to power failure to stop the operation, the people trapped inside. Power companies are undergoing emergency treatment, at 12 noon, the area affected by power outages are gradually restored power supply. Power sector staff: "sudden (blackout) is not a normal maintenance, (now) line has been restored power supply, at about twelve noon." The reporter learned from the quality supervision department, if the elevator installed dual power supply, can guarantee the normal operation of the power outage, but because of cost or other reasons, a lot of elevator is a single power supply, there is no mandatory requirement related in this respect. The ordinary elevator emergency stop will lock in suffered power outages, so we are here to remind you, lift suffered a sudden power failure, we must remain calm, do not jump shaking in the elevator, patiently waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel.相关的主题文章:

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