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Xiamen naked cake temptation: it is said that the taste and name only among friends and my taste buds – Sohu spread your vision – – – – – 1 Xu is not old, according to my observation, should also be after a 85 man, heaven is full, tall, looked comfortable. Don’t know what time he is with me, WeChat did not have a sentence chatting, chatting several times after the final conclusion is: I would like to try his home! I said thank you, let him wait for the phone, he was pleased to promise. However, when I contacted him again, more than a month later. We usually think of a cake to eat, that day just have friends to visit, I tried to contact Xu: noon convenient to send a cake? He readily agreed, so I went with friends and relatives forecast will have a delicious cake served! However, this let me have discount docking on his family’s impression, 12 originally about good, finally almost 13:30 was served, so of course the A thing has its cause. for more than an hour later, but this situation let me experience is very bad. But after tasting the rose mousse, I decided to forgive him! Bing Bing, sour taste, cool, with a sour blueberry slide into the mouth, into the heart. Not only rich, but also light. Sometimes, I love this feeling, with a surprise in the ordinary, silent hear thunder. This cake is now called MixBake for Beckham, to be honest, if not Xu told me that I have never heard of the name of the cake, taste, or even heard of her name story only among friends, she is not only a high-profile publicity and, a group of like-minded young people together to do the cake. 2 weeks later, Xu and find me, say MixBake to change the packing, want to let me taste, at the same time of the last to late to apologize. Is a weekend, I contacted him, this time to send quickly, almost 1 hours earlier than booking service, tea talk, only the first impression on him. This is the Oreo lemon yogurt cheese, color interspersed with the outer packaging is not my favorite. But after opening the simple moving, with echoes in Orio and the bottom surface of the cake, two mint leaves simple embellishment let her instant dynamic, like a piece of fertile land, infinite vitality. The taste of cool acid, thick cheese fascinated people, than the previous paragraph that had no less than. Feeling and not like the outer packing is not a small contrast, this afternoon, we in the black tea, coffee and MixBake confusion, wasted time! Indeed, in vain, as is the cake. 3 two times after the exchange, Xu also has been looking for me, ask me how I’m feeling after tasting? Let me recommend. My feeling is: appearance is not amazing, but all with surprise! Some people say that surprise is the source of happiness, I’m sure! It’s always true that small fortune begins with a little surprise, doesn’t it? The following MixBake introduced several [1] Tiramisu 6 inch 168 body相关的主题文章:

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