Xiamen auto insurance during the typhoon reported 31881 assessment of the loss of the amount of 287 -sugus

During the typhoon Xiamen auto insurance report 31881 gusun amount 287 million 2016 No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" on September 15th 3:05 in Xiangan on Xiamen coast, causing serious disaster losses in Xiamen. After the disaster, the first time the insurance industry in Xiamen to start the emergency plan, and actively carry out relevant emergency response and claims services. As of September 16th, Xiamen insurance company received a total of 31881 auto insurance report and estimation of the amount of 287 million yuan loss, non auto insurance report of 2113, the amount of estimated loss of 464 million yuan, total 751 million yuan; life insurance company received 9 report, estimated the amount of compensation 686 thousand yuan. One, attaches great importance to the disaster relief work. To attach great importance to the impact of typhoon disasters on production and life of the masses, to strengthen the overall sense of responsibility and sense of service, the disaster relief and insurance claims services as a priority among priorities of the current work, a really good job. The establishment of the company is mainly responsible for the first person responsible for the disaster emergency response team to strengthen the organization and leadership, detailed division of responsibilities, so that the organization in place, the responsibility to the people, strong measures. Two, teshiteban to simplify claims procedures. According to the special, first things first principle, the establishment of special Easy Access claims, simplify claims processing and handling procedures, shortening the processing time of claims, it should pay compensation to do, should pay compensation rate. For a clear responsibility, the loss of the basic determination of the case, the first time to take the initiative to pre payment to customers, to support the affected enterprises and the masses to resume production and life. For the specific problems encountered in the settlement, should be handled in accordance with the principles of insurance consumers. Three, go all out to do relief work. The company reported to the company in a timely manner, for work support, to ensure that people, financial, material allocation in place, do a good job in the work of insurance claims. The insurance industry association to organize the member companies to learn from the experiences and practices of the insurance industry around the disaster relief, study and solve the insurance consumers pay close attention to, reflect the strong, to effectively protect the interests of insurance consumers. To actively take the initiative to strengthen communication with the government and relevant departments, the timely reporting of the insurance industry to participate in disaster relief claims, strengthen information sharing and coordination, fully cooperate with the relevant government departments to do the work of relief from the effective disposal, the insurance industry in disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction effect. The company continues to implement the information reporting system, timely reporting to the typhoon disaster insurance. In case of any major problems in the claim settlement service, the first report should be made.相关的主题文章:

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