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The boss Guo Degang’s business layout: the investment industry business income of Tencent (the entertainment Zhuangao Deng Shao Chen Silang these days commissioning editor) mentoring enemies, Guo Degang is facing the most severe since he became famous public opinion environment. However, life continues, Deyunshe did not seem to stop its development and expansion of the news, Changchun Deyunshe will be opened before the end of the year, if no accident, it will be in the domestic seventh Deyunshe theater. As the largest domestic folk comic groups, Deyunshe is how to do business? In addition to the theater at the root of this, skim the "master" the identity of Guo Degang as the "boss" and which industry layout and investment, to help him from the poor and blank gradually establish their own comic Empire? These are worthy of attention in the cross tearing outside mentoring. The annual income of millions per theater actor with fixed salary since 05 years has not changed from the theatre and Deyunshe theater, business is also very valued Guo Degang. However, the reporter queries through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, which are not found on the enterprise total sales, total profit, net profit and other information publicity, to find out the specific revenue situation deyunshe. At present, there are six Deyunshe theater, the theater, the Sanlitun theater in Guangde, Devon, Huguang theatre Theatre building located in Beijing, Nanjing and Heilongjiang; two field Theatre; in addition, Deyunshe in Australia established its first overseas branch, for Devon agency overseas commercial speech. According to media statistics, Deyunshe regular venue seating between 200-300, due to the location of different fare if there are differences, reporters through the ticketing website check boxes and other factors, in the range of $30-3500. Generally speaking, Tuesday to Sunday evening with Deyunshe, weekend two days plus two afternoon matinee, currently Beijing four theaters basically seven days a week all afternoon and evening performances, the show; Heilongjiang theatre and Nanjing theatre on weekends only two performances, Monday to Friday night only staged a. The conventional theatre is still an important source of income in the reporter Deyunshe ticketing website inquiries, in recent days the ticket is not too hot, almost all the unique seating tickets. Actor lineup, in addition to Guangde Deyunshe theater building is the youth team training, several other theatre are composed of the following four teams take turns Deyunshe actor scheduling, single game 6-7 comic, the daily income and attendance will be directly linked to Guo Degang and Yu Qian in the drama field does not appear almost. As for a year down Deyunshe performances in the level of income, the reporter was informed by insiders, Deyunshe theater annual income of 10 million yuan. This figure for a hundred enterprises is not high, Guo Degang also revealed that the "people" in an interview with reporters, since 2005, Deyunshe actor in theatre performance fee has not changed: "we are now in 2005, a small theater has not changed – why not? There is a 100 (yuan), because you can only earn the level of $100, there is a 500, there are 300, there are 200, according to your level." According to Deyunshe early bell partners.相关的主题文章:

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