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Wonder woman is bisexual? Gail · gadot said to love! Wonder woman and Catwoman CP Margulies "Wonder Woman" comic author Gray · Luca has said the wonder woman Diana · Prince is bisexual. Although it is not clear whether DC will take bisexual settings in the film now, but Gail · gadot have the ideal female lover. Gail gadot version of wonder woman recently, gadot participated in a talk show interview hometown of Israel, was asked to wonder woman may be in the sequel and a woman fall in love. Gadot did not evade the issue, but said: "the day I saw Haley · Berry, she is so beautiful, so…… I would like to fall in love with her." Haley · Berry is also a member of the DC family, she was in "Catwoman" played the classic anti hero. From gadot’s words, she can be seen on the wonder woman bisexual identity and accepted set. Haley · Berry played Catwoman in "Wonder Woman", Diana’s lover by Chris · pine as a war fighter Steve · Trevor. But in the last week of the trailer, we know the story will start to wonder woman memories of the way, so in the modern, Steve · Trevor is still alive as a suspense film, but also affect the development of the sequel to the story. Maybe DC will really wonder woman arrange a gay in the sequel, perhaps the same-sex couples might really be the gadot hope Haley · Berry! After Gray · Luca in the explanation of wonder woman is bisexual, said the wonder woman grew up in the mysterious Paradise Island, the island is full of women, so the island is gay is nothing out of the ordinary. It must be logical to be gay on Paradise Island. Since it is heaven, everyone should live a happy life, and one of the sources of happiness has a partner – a happy, romantic relationship. The only partner choice is women. "Wonder Woman" by Patty Jenkins · directed, will be released in the United States in June 2, 2017.相关的主题文章:

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