Women’s cell phone stolen in Shanghai, seeking tracking 9 days after appearing in Shijiazhuang – Chi popkart

Women’s cell phone stolen in Shanghai, seeking to track 9 days after appearing in Shijiazhuang – Shijiazhuang (reporter Lin Jianshu) October 27th, a stolen phone was traced to the. On the evening of October 27th, the people of Shijiazhuang received a phone call from Ms. Wang, who was working in Shanghai. "My stolen Apple phone appeared in Shijiazhuang."! You are quick to help me call the police!" Originally, in October 18th this year, Ding bicycle traffic in the urban area of Shanghai, felt someone touch her, she touched the pocket, put on the jacket of the apple 6S mobile phone is missing! She immediately took the name to touch his own man, but did not find his cell phone, was also the man scolded a few words. After the police in the area of the police station. A friend of Ms. Ding’s work on Apple’s mobile phone company was puzzled, she then find whether the friend consultation can bring back the mobile phone. The friend told her mobile phone did not guarantee, if the thief is usually replacement. Ms. Ding asked a friend to help check, the results are really 9 days after the check. Ask why after the alarm, police station police with normal alarm people to come together to track the lady Apple customer service center. After verification, the stolen phone is indeed accepted by the store after sale, is back to the factory maintenance, 10 days to return. The manager promised to send back to the mobile phone, the relevant formalities and received the Shanghai police will be posted after deduction, and handed over to the police.相关的主题文章:

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