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Health Reputation is your biggest asset if you are working in the food industry. Word of mouth plays a big role in the success of any food business. A small incident may trigger a lot of disrepute for you and your business. When someone .es to utilise your services he/she has a right to receive high quality food hygiene standards at all times. Food poisoning is one of the side effects that may happen if the food that is distributed to customers is not of the desired hygiene level. Food poisoning takes quite a toll on the life of the sufferer and the person might not return to your eatery again. Moreover the same person may spread the news resulting in lots of trade for your business. There are various environmental factors such as bacteria that cause food poisoning as discussed in the food hygiene courses. Bacteria are microscopic organisms and majority of them are harmless. It is a fact that without bacteria most of the planet’s inhabitants might not exist. In fact we all have originated from LUCA (Last Universal .mon Ancestor) many billions of years ago. There are many types of LUCA such as Eukarya, Bacteria and Archaea. Humans have evolved from Eukarya class. But leaving these tales aside bacteria in food can cause quite a pain for the consumer. Thus it is unexpected and especially even more so for cooked food at dining places. So keeping these facts in mind the food safety courses have been developed. There are various lessons taught as a part of the food hygiene courses in order to prevent food poisoning. Some of the steps include good personal hygiene by regular hand washing, wearing protective cloth, apron as an example while you are preparing food. Another important preventive measure you will learn from food safety courses involves keeping pets out of the kitchen where the food is being prepared. Your pets carry pathogens which when mixed with food can lead to dire consequences. Another step in the food safety courses is to keep away the raw uncooked food from the ready to eat food. The raw meat, salad vegetables and other vegetables also contain pathogens and these can easily be transferred into your food. Special care should be taken while making barbecues. Make sure you wash your hands after you have handled the raw meat. Food hygiene courses also tell you to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and water. Do not use alcoholic gels and pesticides for health and environmental reasons. Food safety courses also teach the learners to keep the inside and outside dustbins clean. There is a lot of waste being dumped into them. If the bins are not cleaned regularly there is a probability that pests will be attracted and in turn these pests might get into your food too. Too stop the cross contamination of food the kitchens should be cleaned with disinfectants from time to time. It is now mandatory to have a health and safety certificate to work within the food service industry. There are various levels of certification food safety courses available. There are mainly 2 levels of food safety courses. Level 1 is the basic level of awareness while level 2 is more advanced handling course. There are numerous benefits of food safety courses for the overall success of any .pany in the food industry and ensuring clients receive a high quality service every time is key to success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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