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When the head teacher Zen students language classroom: the class learned the 14 year old Mei (a pseudonym) read the first two days of a middle school in South Xi’an, her mother recently discovered from the clever daughter always swearing "fuck", and her daughter learned that after the exchange, the class language teacher often swearing in class. The United States now also often say rude cause. Not only daughter swearing, top-notch performance of female students in the class, also often swearing. I want to give my daughter transfer, but the children and the students are familiar with, do not want to change the environment." The mother is very distressed: corporal punishment can also be examined, the language of violence caused by internal injuries, what to do? Will the child grow up to be affected by the violence? > > parents: daughter never curse now language blurted out "their father and I are intellectuals, heard her daughter swearing, it was an accident." The mother said, her daughter is very good, never curse, for her, when angry things up saying "neuropathy". But now the daughter blurted out "X fucking X, your mother", the language so that the couple is difficult to accept. And the daughter of communication, and found that a person is not such a daughter, another classmate of top-notch performance girls often say. There are other students learned to burst foul language. The boy said language and some other vulgar language is intolerable to the ear, hard to believe that this comes from a junior high school girls. > > children: the teacher criticized the students I fear profanity when Chinese teacher in the class, always take this sentence when the pet phrase, the students in our class are learned, always unconsciously speaks out." Mei said, "sometimes the teacher criticized the students, foul talk, although not scold me, but I fear." The morning of November 3rd, the China Daily reporter to interview the school, the school principal said the teacher speak foul language certainly inappropriate. Yesterday, the school responded that the investigation by the school, the Chinese teacher admitted that in the teaching process using vulgar and inappropriate language, in the afternoon of the 3 day of the two classes with hundreds of students after class a public apology, promised to pay attention to words, and 4 in the morning to the school to write a written examination. > > expert: children face long-term language violence may produce inferiority and shame "Chinese said, the. The child’s personality is not completely stable and more sensitive than adults, the ability to bear the violence of the language is not as good as adults. The teacher is the image of authority in the minds of students, the teacher’s evaluation will have a hint of the child’s self evaluation. Language is the external manifestation of the heart." Yesterday afternoon, the national two counselors Shuai Biao said. Shuai Biao believes that the adolescent children in the long-term language violence environment may produce inferiority, shame, and may lead to further "self fulfilling prophecy" — the victims really become a "failure", depression and depression is difficult to express, sensitive interpersonal relationship, it is difficult to trust others. Shuai Biao said that the transfer of bad mood, easy to speak from the high power of people to the right to speak low, students are relatively weak, if the teacher is not aware, it is possible to winter相关的主题文章:

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