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"What winter" hot shot Mencius meaning love – Mencius entertainment Sohu staged SM Yi version of Yang Yali     Sohu entertainment news recently, according to Gu Xijue well-known novel of the TV drama "what and what a cool summer" is Hangzhou hot shot. The TV version of "what and what is cool in summer" by the United Xijue Gu surgeon and screenwriter Chen Li, in addition to the previously announced lineup starring Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen, Liu Chang, Meng Ziyi also confirmed after 95 small artistes starred in the play as the female No. two, as the daughter of Yang Yali crazy for love. The first challenge of modern urban dramas, Mencius meaning as a diamond white Formica taste, jewelry design and business talent, and has a prominent advantage was gifted, and seats in the official Chen Chi (Jia Nailiang) wits, staged a drama burning brain. Yang Yali was the hostess Jane Ann Jie (Prince gloze) best bestie, and because women fall in love with the same leaf Lin (Liu Changshi) and Former friends become enemies with each other. Her good nature and love into a dead end, love to throw the helve after the hatchet, use unscrupulous divisive tactics. "Have you ever loved a person, love to mention his name will shed tears." This is her love for leaf Lin hell-bent best interpretation. For love, she is willing to lay down all their self-esteem, and even made unimaginable sacrifices, I do not know whether the final move Ye Lin’s heart. This is Meng Ziyi appeared for the first time the spoony daughter, many netizens said the Yang Yali character emotion to the full of expectation. Meng Ziyi is the 95 after the new generation of small artistes, now studying at the Beijing Film Academy, during the school has taken a number of works. Previously played lively inkstone in costume drama "Valkyrie Zhao Zilong"; as the Munianci in the new version of an hand in a velvet glove "Legend of the Condor Heroes"; and in a set of CCTV corruption crime shows "people’s prosecutor", as the intellectual fashion female No. two Zhou Wenwen. Although Meng Ziyi debut soon, but by virtue of the true nature of acting, won the unanimous praise of the audience. It is reported that Mencius justice formally joined the reality show "first grade graduation season", is about to meet with you in Hunan satellite TV, please look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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