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Business You may currently be using Microsoft Word or some other general-purpose word processing program for your report writing needs. But while these programs can help you reach your report writing goals, they might not be helping you reach them as efficiently as possible. Instead, you could be using report writing software that was created specifically for private investigators. Here are some guidelines on what to look for in a new report writing software. Necessary Word Processing Power Because the majority of your client reports will be text based, it’s important to make sure that your writing software has all the basics for word processing. Your program should be able to provide you with any styling and formatting that you are likely to use in a client report. By the same token, however, you don’t need an overwhelming or confusing set of features that you’ll never use. Remember the purpose of your client report and your intended audience, and look for software that covers those core needs. The Ability to Store Your Notes The ideal report writing software solution should also make it easier for you to store your investigative notes in a convenient location. Because you may need to go back and forth quickly between your notes and the client report you are preparing, software that’s designed specifically for private investigators is often a better solution than a general purpose word processing or document storage program. The storage location for private notes should be secure and there should be no chance that clients will ever access the notes. The Ability to Integrate Other Media Even though your report will be written, in many cases you’ll also want to provide your client with supporting evidence in the form of photographs, video and other media such as screen shots from social media websites or other Inter. research. It’s possible to provide these supporting materials together with your client report (such as by providing a DVD or folder of pictures), but your report will be more effective and easy to read by the client if these media are integrated into the report itself. Some report writing software solutions allow your client to view your report online, with all supporting video and photographic materials integrated directly into the report. The Ability to .anize Your Cases Look for a report writing software solution that makes it easy for you to .anize all of your case materials, and to keep your case is separate from one another. With general-purpose word processors, it’s up to you to create a system from scratch. The Ability to Store Old Files If you are just switching over to a new software solution for your report writing needs, what do you do with all of your old paper-based files? Some software packages allow you to create folders for those old cases, and upload all of your documentation in the form of PDF files. This makes it easy for you to reference prior cases because they’re in the same location as your ongoing projects. By focusing on those report writing software packages that are designed specifically for use by private investigators, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your practice and provide better service to your clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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