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What do tour ladies like? Kathy’s ex-wife wrote a Book: 30 thousand clothing costs to Paul – Kathy and his ex-wife Hefner, sina sports Beijing time February 10th, there is an old saying: the tour on the matter on the tour. But Jiaselin – Hefner (Jocelyn Hefner), Paul Casey’s ex-wife, recently published a new book to break this taboo, between about her and the 13 European tour winner of romance, and the world travel experience with him to. The name of this memoir is "Lost on the PGA and European Tours", in which the following five little stories, let us see some little-known stories of professional golf. First, Mikkelsen’s private aircraft is equipped with exclusive personal tableware.   “…… I remember once we were invited to take Phil Mikel, the beautiful Gulfstream, 40 private aircraft. The logo of Phil was printed on the cup and napkin." Two. European tour takes care of the players in the Ryder cup. "Europe Tour" gives every wife and girlfriend a stack of money, so that they buy the right clothes, shoes, jewelry, in order to participate in various events activities…… In my wildest dreams, I didn’t think I’d pay 3000 pounds for a skirt. That was equivalent to 5000 dollars!" Three. Aileen liked the treadmill and named the horse. "Many times, we were alone in the gym, and only Aileen was there. She’s always there, and when we go to the gym, she’s always run 10 miles. "And when we were at the world championships in Dora, Aileen named my second foals: kaiser." "On the PGA Tour and European tour on the four, Jordan lost" cover is a polite smoker. "In Medinah Ryder Cup, Michael Jordan standing on our side, his mouth with my arm size cigars. He shook hands with me, smiled, and gestured, "ladies, can you?" He said, "we should go to the next hole and wait for us, sir.". It’s very comfortable to be with Michael and Aileen…… I also thank Michael Jordan didn’t smoke in my face!" Five, the Abu Dhabi tournament is unimaginable luxury behind the scenes. "A housekeeper, dressed in black and white suits, if we want something, he assured us that he would find it for us either day or night.". The scent of fresh lavender permeates and fills us with ecstasy. The petals of orchids decorate the bathtub with gold. Extra large, white, soft towels are placed outside the huge tiled shower room. Soft sheets covered with a big bed two times larger than the American bed. He smiled when he saw the 90 inch television screen playing the international channel. The living room is full of elaborate handmade furniture, and a fruit platter can hold breakfast buffet. We are immersed in the depravity that we have not experienced." (wind)

巡回赛贵妇啥样? 卡西前妻写书:3万服装费给报 保罗-卡西与前妻赫夫纳   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月10日,这里有句老话:巡回赛上的事巡回赛上了。可是贾瑟琳-赫夫纳(Jocelyn Hefner),保罗-卡西的前妻,最近就出版了一本打破这一禁忌的新书,谈到她与13个欧巡赛冠军得主之间的情史,以及与他到世界周游的经历。   这本回忆录的名字叫《在美巡和欧巡上迷失》(Lost on the PGA and European Tours),其中以下五个小故事,让我们一窥职业高尔夫的一些鲜为人知的故事。   一、米克尔森的私人飞机上配备着专属个人的餐具。   “……我记得有一次我们受邀乘坐菲尔-米克尔森美丽的湾流40私人飞机。‘菲尔号’的标记印在了杯子和餐巾上。”   二、欧巡赛在莱德杯上非常照顾参赛球员的太太。   “欧巡赛会给每个太太和女友一沓钱,让她们购买合适的服装、鞋子、珠宝,以便出席赛事的各种活动……在我最狂野的梦中,我也没有想到我会花3000英镑购买一条裙子。当时那相当于5000美元!”   三、艾琳喜欢跑步机,并且给马命名。   “许多次,我们独自在健身房之中,只有艾琳在。她总是在那里,当我们到健身房的时候,她常常已经跑了10英里。   “而当我们在多拉参加世锦赛的时候,艾琳为我的第二匹马驹命名为:凯撒。” 《在美巡和欧巡上迷失》封皮   四、乔丹是一个礼貌的烟客。   “在梅黛娜莱德杯,迈克尔-乔丹站在我们的身旁,嘴里叼着我手臂大小的雪茄。他与我握手,绽放笑容,并做手势:‘女士们,可以吗?’他说着,暗示我们应该去下一个洞等我们的先生。与迈克尔和艾琳在一起是非常舒服的……我同时也很感谢迈克尔-乔丹没当着我的面吞云吐雾!”   五、阿布扎比锦标赛幕后是难以想象的奢华。   “一个管家,穿着黑白的西装,如果我们想要什么东西,他向我们保证,无论白天还是黑夜,他都会为我们找到。清新的薰衣草香味四处弥漫,令人陶醉。兰花花瓣装饰着黄金的浴缸。超大、白色、松软的毛巾放在巨大的瓷砖淋浴房外。柔软的床单覆盖着是美国大床两倍大的大床。当他看到90英寸的电视屏幕上播放着国际频道时笑了。客厅摆满了精雕细琢的手工家具,而一个水果盘可以装下早餐自助餐。我们沉浸在我们俩都没有体验过的堕落之中。”   (小风)相关的主题文章:

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