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What is ceramic Kam brick? How to identify quality? ?? The ceramic mosaic also known as mosaic, is made of high-quality porcelain firing, usually made of 18.5× 18.5× mm, 39× 5 39× 5 mm block, or a side length of 25 mm hexagon etc.. What are the characteristics and construction technology of ceramic tile? The following Xiaobian to introduce you. What is ceramic Kam brick? How to identify quality? (pictures from the network)?? ceramic brick?? ceramic tile color variety, solid texture, durable, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, can wear resistance, strong resistance to pressure, low water absorption, no leakage, easy cleaning, can be used for industrial and civil buildings, hall, corridor, clean workshop dining room, toilet, bathroom, working room, laboratory at the ground and the inner wall, exterior wall decorative materials and senior buildings. ?? The quality identification of mosaic ceramic?? 1, the appearance of quality inspection line?? Pu ceramic mosaic stick in the visual range, if the basic uniform, standard specification and dimensions and tolerances, such as the line was uneven, will have to re treatment. If the size of the ceramic tile is not required, it should not be purchased. In addition to judge from the sound, a product with a crowbar, if the sound is clear, there is no defect, if the sound muddy, dull or rough, harsh, is substandard products. ?? 2, Kam brick and firmly combined shop stickers?? pinch the contact on the side of the two hands, make contact erect, and then flat, repeated three times to take off brick for qualified or ceramic mosaic joint curl, then stretched flat, repeated three times to drop brick for qualified goods. ? 3, check the time of dehydration, the ceramic tile will be put flat, shop stickers, water soaked for about 40 minutes, pinch the corner of the shop stickers, paper will be removed. Can meet the standard requirements. ?? The ground construction technology of the ceramic mosaic?? 1, the laying of the room to check the clearance size, find the founder, in the vertical control line leveling layer (founder of the pop-up leveling layer is generally divided into "soft bottom" and "hard", on the same day with the leveling layer with mosaic called "soft at the end, in the fully hardened upper leveling layer called" hard bottom". When you are looking for a founder, you can control the line on the hard bottom. Pull control line on soft bottom. A number of the paving calculation according to the construction drawing, if the lack of the whole piece should be thrown into the corner, not laying in a conspicuous place. ?? 2, with cement mortar layer: in the "hard bottom" on the brick, the first water wet after scraping a thickness of 2 to 3mm thick cement mortar (cement should be 20% weight 107 glue), in the "soft bottom" on the brick should be watering mud, with a brush uniform. With the brush with the brush. 3, when the cement slurry has not yet begun to set up when the ceramic tile, from the inside out along the control line, when the shop first turn over the side of the paper. A mosaic in order to control the good line, immediately after the ceramic mosaic tiles (on paper up), followed by hand will pave with paper, clapper tapped, make the slurry into the mosaic slot until the paper reflects Zhuanfeng so far. ?? 4, the whole paved in brick on the pad board, people standing around the repair at the pad-相关的主题文章:

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