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Software This was my first professional presentation at an industry conference where I, as the speaker, had a beer in my hand. Instead of the usual opener along the lines of, I guess Im the last session between you and cocktails this evening… I had the pleasure to invite the audience to join me for a beer and what we planned to make a fun discussion. Attendees had already spent over 10 hours at this event, the pressure was on and our Mar. team did a great job with some colorful images . . . and very few words on the ppt slides. As Benjamin Franklin once said, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we are encouraging enterprises, cloud .panies, and the services providers who support them to embrace the concept of preventive analytics. If they apply new machine learning and big data analytics to their operations and prevent just one major incident, boy what a win! Of course, we have clients who are experiencing multiple wins as they roll the Appnomic AppsOne and OpsOne platform solutions across multiple application stacks. In our discussion yesterday, we went so far as to suggest that while mean time to repair (MTTR) is likely to be a relevant and important concept to continue to accelerate, there is increasing value and ability in extending MTTP, more time to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. I shared my personal experience prior to Appnomic when I headed an organization with over 100 IT operations professionals like systems administrators, database administrators, network experts, security experts, tools experts, and application engineers. We were responsible for over 200 applications and while most of the applications were fine throughout the year, in any given week there was almost always inevitably some kind of end user, infrastructure, or application code oriented issue we were addressing. The cost and time associated with application engineers troubleshooting problems and IDing root causes was enormously painful. PLEASE STOP THE PAIN! I remember that feeling in a very visceral way. Unfortunately, none of the tools .panies at the time could handle the heterogeneity we were supporting from LAMP stack to UNIX, .NET, and more. When I came across Appnomic, I explained, I was so excited to see and hear what the .pany had been developing . . . I decided to join the business myself! Anyhow, the idea of truly predictive analytics has been approached with a fair degree of skepticism by analysts and CIOs in recent years. They see the proof points. I think this makes a lot of sense. The good news for the industry is that we are beginning to see real wins with .plex enterprise environments and real user metrics. The days of depending on only or primarily synthetic measurement systems are waning. We are now more able to measure real user experience and real time infrastructure KPIs (key performance indicators) for contemporary and heterogeneous environments in ways not previously possible. For example, AppsOne has published extensions that support SAP, Siebel, Finacle, and other proprietary stacks as well as more .mon LAMP stack and .Net frameworks. At the Gartner event, I shared a case study of an enterprise client who experienced the predictive and preventive nature of Appnomics AppsOne, patent pending, Application Behavior Learning (ABL) approach to IT preventive analytics. We say preventive (versus predictive or prescriptive) analytics because we both predict that an incident is likely to happen and also direct IT operations professionals where to investigate hiccups or deviations from what our pattern recognition technology indicates is expected behavior for the stack. The group in attendance had excellent questions and we had to end the session to ac.modate the next presenters before all the questions were addressed. The post presentation dialog was hearty and intellectually stimulating for many of us who hung around to .plete the engagement. We wrapped up with the question of how much is an ounce of prevention worth to those in the room? Whats your answer? Many thanks to Gartner for putting on this IT Operations focused event and for providing us a stage to share our new views and approaches to address and increasingly difficult problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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