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The wedding gift money: Men’s holiday wedding food after half afraid to eat instant noodles – Beijing 7 day holiday, in the circle of friends is not "Shuabing tourist map", is "happy wedding show". However, the most busy is not just a couple, but was invited to the wedding and wedding staff. Makeup Xiaoshuai said, the National Day holiday this year, he received 4 bride makeup, sometimes even to work to zero. Hard work pays off makeup little handsome is a makeup artist, the annual "eleven" holiday is the most busy day. This year’s 7 day holiday in the good days, almost half a year ago was booked out. October 1st, 2, 4, and 6, respectively, he was the bride of the makeup of the 4. You said, in general the morning of the wedding, he would get up at 4 a.m.. If you attend the wedding in the afternoon, sometimes busy until midnight. Of course, there is also a return to work so hard, in addition to make-up costs, generally received a 200 yuan to $500 red envelopes. "The 7 day of the holiday is more than the wedding is more than four, although some busy, but so every year, I also adapted to the." You said. Small white-collar workers for a friend to postpone the wedding to participate in the work of Lee for two years, this year is to catch up with the students and colleagues’ marriage tide". On the day of October 2nd, she attended a wedding in the morning and in the afternoon." Li said she originally wanted to take advantage of holiday travel, but received three invitations, hope is gone. Friends are particularly good relationship, but also want to go to the scene to see their happy appearance, send my blessing, so the travel plan can only be pushed back!" 4 wedding let wallet bleeding look at the "eleven" holiday is coming to an end, Mr. Wang forget about it, he has no more than half a month’s wages. Holiday did not eat dinner, I am afraid that the second half of the month to eat instant noodles." Mr. Wang said with a joke. Mr. Wang attended a wedding holiday, please help a friend with a gift, but also by WeChat with a two cash transfer. "Give yourself with the gifts of friends getting married, is also the gift of money. Some friends are general, but since you invited, also do not feel shy with. Some friends in the field, inconvenient in the past, had to transfer online." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Liu Ying相关的主题文章:

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