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"We love it" daughter to join the interpretation of love "believe dignity" Chinese film gold medal director Liu Jiang’s new book "our love" on November 8th at the Tencent video warm launch, compared to the TV and other urban emotional theme, claiming to be "craftsman" Liu Jiang said that this will be a more delicate, dense plot a higher degree of new emotional drama. Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Yuan Hong, Zhang Xilin, Yan Ming, a high value, acting the strength to send the big coffee to join, let the audience of the show expectations skyrocketed! This is following the "separation" Qianjin pharmaceutical, again city emotional drama. Even if life deceive us, also should have the dignity of life according to the latest exposure of the character version of the trailer, the whole drama characters, emotional entanglements perplexing whirling. "Laughing" Helen Lin (Zhang Jingchu ornaments) and "tainted" Pan Zhizhi (Xinyi Zhang ornaments) although bestie are falling in love with "hypocritical time President" (Yuan Hongshi), "Fox" Cai Chunni (Qin Lanshi) in the Huang Shaogu and the "former lover" (Ming decoration) the swirl of emotions. A group of three bestie stumbling in the pursuit of happiness on the road of life, finally understand want in life and love harvest happiness, we must first find and live, rather than his own happiness to others. As women standing at home qianjinpian, no matter when, you must know how to love yourself, love others in order to gain the real happiness! In the "craftsman" rigorous and simple, following the "conscience to create drama beautiful daughter age", "before dawn", "let’s get married" and many other hot drama, high drama, Liu Jiang has been synonymous with high-quality domestic TV drama, and he himself does not take "the artist" itself, Kennedy said he is a "craft", has always been adhering to a "craftsman" inherent spirit of ingenuity, that is just the drama script creation, time for three years! Not to mention the entire production team, are carefully selected by Liu Jiang after the establishment of. In addition to high standards on the choice of actors, behind each department is responsible for selection is excellence, such as art director Han Zhong (Zhang Yimou, Kaige Chen in the film), costume design stylist Huang Wei (small time film series gold stylist), music director Dong Dong winter ("where did the time go" composer, industry senior people), a soundtrack theme song singer Aska Yang (song, a production team tear) so high force makes the cornerstone, "we love you" does not want to fire difficult ah! As the daughter pharmaceutical, always keep in mind that their daughter is a blessing, a blessing to the spirit of the enterprise purpose, do drugs, ingenuity safety medicine, always pay attention to women’s health, and strive to do the benchmarking enterprise in the field of women’s health. In November 8th, the daughter pharmaceutical invite you together in the video Tencent, enjoy the winter warm heart love drama "we love it", Be There Or Be Square oh! (Note: This article belongs to Tencent.com publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only)相关的主题文章:

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