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Warriors coach fined $25000 as the referee why not to walk – Sohu sports in Beijing on November 21st news, NBA officially announced that due to public criticism of the referee, the warriors coach Steve Cole was fined $25000. Beat the Raptors in Toronto, Cole’s radio interview. The program discussed in recent years. But no foul phenomenon, Cole just take the opportunity to satirize the Raptors all star team against the warriors in the mar – Deluozan escape 1 penalty. "Well, you see Deluozan last night the layup travel?" Cole said, "why did everyone see it, but only 3 people on the scene did not see it? I don’t understand. It’s ridiculous…… But I can cite many examples but no penalty." Cole questioned, DeRozan layup took 4 steps, but no whistle. "Maybe they should pay attention to many things on the field, including the basket, defensive three seconds whether there is physical contact, whether offensive or defensive foul," Cole said, "they need to pay attention to everything on the field, but there is no concern should concern, that is the basic rules of the game: is there." "It’s very guilty, many people, including the fans can see," said Cole, "I love the most is when you see the players walking, scene 1000 fans together to make a gesture. If those people see it, why don’t you see it?" On Thursday, the warriors 127-121 away victory over toronto. The status of the team Cole is good, the last 7 games to achieve victory. The warriors will play against the Pacers on Tuesday, which will be the last leg of the 4 consecutive road trip. (Jim)相关的主题文章:

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