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"Warrior" Xu Honghao praised: small details hidden in the heart – Sohu Sohu Xu Honghao entertainment entertainment large Long March theme movie "warrior" is the national theaters, the film was the Red Army as the background, in order to truly restore the warriors across the Dadu River, flying from Luding Bridge the intrepid scene. In this group of heroic warriors, Xu Honghao played the central army field artillery birth before the "can be said to be a" heterogeneous". He is not brave, not to kill, in the crowd was through the mountains when he was advised that people "do not move" coward. This speaking a Sichuan dialect repeatedly tried to escape in the crack gunner, was captured after trying to out of Red Army troops, so the behavior is misfits and his "shenpao Shou aura. "Talent and character of Tian birth before the" play the strength of be quite different, as the actor Xu Honghao, actually also have a lot to say and think. Xu Honghao of the character was because of his seemingly heterogeneous character and has been a huge inspiration, he said he put a lot of information are hidden in the details of language and action. As long as we go to the movies, you will find the field on the surface is a cowardly birth before the escape, but when he said "what good folks play", just know this is good. He pretended to be ill to forward, on the surface is the fear of death, but his sentence "Lao Tzu greeting you carefully Hades" Quanzhu discourse and reveal a sincere and cherish the life of him. Therefore Xu Honghao also hope for Tian Shengcai sound, gun well is talented, but Tian Shengcai never let your heart break this talented for mercy. "Tian birth before" is indispensable for a group of warriors, he is out of the ordinary character just makes the role in the film play the best role. Please go to the theater to feel the red blood, continue to support the "warrior"!   相关的主题文章:

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