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Wang Naigui: gold and silver today also need homeopathic rebound bottom altitude, Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market Review on trading days, generally lower prices for commodities including oil prices, the global stock market, it seems, is the only benefit from the $95 mark, the United States that since the rise, the highest level reached 95.6 euro, pound, leading the non-agricultural currencies weaken, the pound against the dollar exchange rate is tumbled to 1.3165 level, on the one hand due to the dollar on the other hand, the market has been "forgotten" after two months of the incident off Europe recently returned to focus on Europe off negotiations may pose a risk to the British economy in Britain and the European Union, which is a lower pound short-term incentive, the latest news shows, the British Parliament said to start off the European negotiations needs to be approved by Parliament. Rather than pure government behavior. Investors must be timely attention to the progress of this event, don’t forget to hedge demand for a referendum in June once the events induced prices pulled more than $100, the event’s influence should not be overlooked. Overnight gold and silver prices down slightly Chonggao down, the price of gold traded at 1331—-1315 range, the daily closing a small line; the price of silver is running in 19.2—-18.7 days of synchronous down Yin; crude oil prices yesterday continued Yindie, from 46.1 to 44.7 near the lower level, days closing for a saturated small Yin, EIA inventory data today or bring further guidance to the short-term trend. Today of yesterday the price of gold from $1331 down, the lowest reach 1315 near the line in the low down Yin, early fall inertia line to $1313 to stabilize short-term, at present the time to build a small double bottom in Figure 1322 in the vicinity of the neckline. Although since last week closed lower since is a trend of decline, but the overall decline is limited, is still in the early mid February bottoming rebound since the high order, this cycle is since July more than two months, from the week K map can be seen is a bit high sideways, it is expected that this pattern of short-term will continue. Operation as far as possible to maintain the $20—30 range trading ideas, temporarily unsuitable for band layout. On line, need to wait for a break. Today is yesterday in the short term, gold and silver down, the overall rhythm is still weak, although there is construction of ultra short term and small double bottom, mainly in the closing is not verified before still take advantage of the transaction, gold is located near the high resistance 1325—-1326 average price of $5, more than 1310 below the low support area of concern. Silver yesterday saturated small line down, average Sicha, short-term there is still further retracement demand, operation to high resistance at around 19 mark, support near $18.5; crude oil yesterday has Yindie and lower early in a short space fast near 45.3 faster, concern below support near 44.4 is much lower, such as broken bits further follow up to around 43.9–43.8. Investment advice in gold and silver is still in the stage of high wide consolidation, general theory相关的主题文章:

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