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Internet-Marketing See Video Marketing Proof: DTC Marketplace You can see the video marketing proof with DTC Online Marketplace. DTC Online Marketplace is an independent video marketing business desiring to help local businesses take advantage of the shift in advertising from the yellow pages mentality to advertising on the internet. They introduce the "New Media Revolution" that has .e on the advertising seen with entities, such as YouTube. The latest stats show that 26 billion videos are being viewed monthly in the United States, and growing! In addition, online video is more than 60% of all the internet traffic with YouTube being the second largest search engine. A big part of this new media revolution also involves the rise in smart phones and applications. From the I-Phone to Blackberry, there are four times as many phone users than internet users with 33% of phones using high speed data services. DTC Marketplace shows video proof of their video marketing helping local businesses to take advantage of this media madness. "It’s no longer a must just to have a website, " says DTC Marketplace’s co-founder Theresa Croft. "You have to find ways to be where your customers are which means strategic online and mobile advertising." Croft shares that her .pany specializes in using the "Five Marketing Marvels" which include short videos and articles, lead capture and follow up campaigns, local search directory visibility, along with targeted internet ads. DTC Marketplace then utilizes other proven internet marketing strategies which include video blogs, podcasting, smart phone applications, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Croft goes on to ask, "Imagine having multiple listings on page one of Google for your local business? Imagine that listing leading to a quality site that captures your potential clients and customers. Imagine developing a relationship of trust with this group where they not only be.e your clients but also refer your business to their friends? This can happen with a simple video marketing strategy," she said. Is this possible? DTC Marketplace says yes when local businesses take advantage of the shift today and learn how to harness the POWER of the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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