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Veteran Chen Tong has joined a little information, mobile information war upgrade to "people" – Sohu of science and technology today early in the morning to see the rumors, vice president of millet, "portal veteran Chen Tong will join a little information as president. This message after the "routine denial", finally sit, Chen Tong will join the post of president and concurrently Co president. In the future, Chen Tong will be fully responsible for the operation of the content of a little information, product operations and public relations work, as well as Phoenix content operations management. "Veterans" Chen Tong duck? Chen Tong is the first portal China waves, in the content industry steeped in nearly 20 years, in Sina do the executive vice president and editor in chief, in the industry known as the "gateway to the senate". After the white Sina micro-blog has helped Sina, micro-blog catch up from behind "celebrity" strategy, talent shows itself to the relevant team set invite celebrity big V KPI, and achieved remarkable results, today micro-blog has a market value of more than $11 billion outshining Twitter. Two years ago, Chen Tong served 17 years of sina, joined millet as vice president of content, responsible for content operations and content investment. Join in after millet, Lei Jun took 1 billion dollars to Chen Tong investment, Chen Tong also set a military order to do firefighters. Join after millet, Chen Tongxian is the leading investment Youku potatoes, Youku potatoes became a subsidiary of Alibaba shares of Iqiyi and millet. The latest progress of millet TV has access to excellent soil, Iqiyi, Tencent and Sohu four video video content. I remember last year, millet TV in Guangzhou High German land market to engage in a public experience, I was quite surprised to see Chen Tong at the scene, after all, their identity is vice president, this activity normally do not need to go to Guangzhou, which also shows that, in the period of Chen Tong millet responsible for the contents of the video. Chen Tong millet, millet content, especially video content to achieve the climb is the fact. This time with a little information, and not return, personalized information portal is a very influential market, new market several times larger than the portal. However, for Chen Tong was not much different: continue to be content and products, can be said to be like a duck. Chen Tong will give a little information? After the news client war, mobile information war is in the white hot competition. A total of nine game player Chinese compete in the mobile information platform market, including portal news client, personalized information platform, UC as the representative of Baidu and micro-blog WeChat and other social media tools. The client and the traditional news, today’s headlines, little information and daily express three personalized information to the client more technology, especially a little information, the origin of its founding team known from YAHOO, Google, Baidu, Facebook and other domestic and foreign technology Daniel, technology is a natural gene information, its core is the distribution mode based on the technology of personalized search and recommendation. Different from other clients fixed dozens of channels, a little bit of information allows users to search keywords to consume content, each keyword is a channel, a bit of information has announced that it has accumulated 3 million channels. learn相关的主题文章:

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