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Venice Film Festival: always trying to harvest the Venice International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival Main poster an interesting phenomenon. In recent years, often reported in the Venice International Film Festival, "crisis", "decline" such words are frequently used, but few people to have more problems and reputation far does not match the festival so widespread worries. If the Cannes International Film Festival glory and achievement has been difficult to shake someone, the Venice Film Festival is still in Berlin, and be roughly the same in Europe and even the world’s most influential one of the international film festival. Deep in love, perhaps, people’s expectations of the world’s oldest film have been too high. People mouthing the Venice Film Festival is not the reason, it has a variety of problems: compared to Cannes and Berlin organized a strict attitude, meaning work mode and organization management is not reliable, often leading to a variety of small accidents at the film festival: subtitles, sound, showing no time, 3D glasses is invalid…… Traffic, expensive accommodation, dining options and other limited hardware defects will not say, now, when all kinds of large and long film festival the film industry is inextricably linked, not when segmentation relations, an important measure to launch the film Market — Venice 5 years before the new president Alberto Bella arrived in Pakistan. Performance has been unsatisfactory: sporadic exhibitors, booth set up, in expensive official Excelsior Hotel desolate, it is for the movie trading, is to play a more advertising and facade effect. This dilemma is almost as everyone knows: Venice by the attack before, before the facilities mature successful Cannes Film Festival market, after the market in Toronto by hot waterside pavilion, and even as far as the beginning of the Berlin market, but also has its own fixed film distributors years gu. Whether it is necessary to set up the film market at the Venice Film Festival is always a controversial topic in Italy local media. But, do you think the Venice Film Festival with this kind of problem, it is The sun sinks in the west. is wrong. Despite being down for many years, to the 2016, the Venice Film Festival is not only a variety of pessimistic predictions, as shown by the decline of the deserted, it stood tenaciously, and a new glow. Because of these years, Venice has been very hard, has always insisted. In the political and economic environment has a complex relationship of interests, are very limited in a geographical location, construction area and facilities on the island, Venice does not have the original real yilaomailao step (also does not have too much capital, cruel reality, long and brilliant history of the situation following the already inadequate dimension), has been trying to a variety of new and improved, keep pace with the times. Historically, Venice has undergone more changes and inequality than Cannes. As under the Italy Ministry of culture and cultural activities, the Venice Film Festival is a member of the Venice Biennale, in addition to building, theater and other contemporary art exhibition, because the guide stars in it, it has greater influence. The artistic director of the Venice Film Festival, we usually call for the film festival president, appointed by the Ministry of culture, directly accept the Biennale main)相关的主题文章:

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