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University of Oxford Department of mixed to provide students with more opportunities for exchange – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 30th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported, before the program was introduced by two American schools: University of Pennsylvania and New York University. From now on, we will visit University of Oxford. University of Oxford is one of the world’s most famous university, in the year of the world university rankings, University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, more than the United States, to the first row, broke the American monopoly fifteen years of university ranking the first record. In another U.S. News and world report, the global university rankings, University of Oxford ranked sixth. Senior scholar Mo Yu interview to the University of Oxford graduate teacher zheng. Zheng said that the college system in University of Oxford take a mixed approach, after different majors are disrupted to arrange accommodation and dining. Although this will increase the difficulty of school management, but also give students more opportunities to exchange for. In such a learning environment, students can bring unexpected harvest? Mo Danyu: "what is the subject of Zheng’s major at University of Oxford, what attracted you to University of Oxford?" Zheng: "I am a master of Applied Linguistics in Oxford, in fact, master of the second language acquisition, then attracted me may be several reasons. The first is because English undergraduate reading literature, that time may have many stories about the debauch with Britain, there is a very beautiful dream, if you can go to Oxford or Cambridge reading should be especially beautiful things, so when to apply mainly to see Oxford and Cambridge, the final choice of Oxford." Mo Danyu: sounds like you’re a very romantic person, and is it true that you went to the University of Oxford to be consistent with what you imagined?" Zheng teacher: it should be said that the imagination is more than expected, if people are happy about a thing, it should be able to meet expectations can be more happy, if you want to go beyond expectations, I belong to the latter. Because some knowledge about Oxford or something to read from the book, is really just a beautiful picture, far away from myself, but really there to experience the super stick, first let me think for a lifetime, or that is characteristic of the history of human education, especially the contribution of University of Oxford, it is the school system. It takes two kinds of system management, one is the university with the Department, has been to the Department of professional or research group, is in charge of academic direction. The other is a school, school overall is actually the different students in a school of inside management, is in the same department, can be exposed to different majors, students and teachers in the different research direction, in such an environment, in a great degree, widen my from the perspective of knowledge." Mo Danyu: you just said the college system, the United States also has some of the top universities, such as Ivy League Yale University, it is the extension of the Oxford institute. Accommodation, extra-curricular activities are based on personal preferences and interest in the application before, choose the right to enter the college, is a very interesting experience."相关的主题文章:

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