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UnionPay voice: strict implementation of the overseas insurance transaction does not exceed $5000 limit for mainland customers in Hong Kong recently UnionPay stop brush UnionPay card to pay the premium, the International Union on Saturday once again responded that: * through the merchant transaction monitoring found that some overseas insurance businesses are single merchant multiple transactions in the volume of a single card *; the amount of consumption to overseas insurance businesses to strictly implement the provisions of the foreign exchange policy in a single transaction does not exceed $5000 or equivalent in other foreign currency restrictions; * only allowed mainland customers to use UnionPay card payment in the current insurance, other insurance items prohibited the use of UnionPay card payment. UnionPay international 29 announcement full text: in the near future, we found through the merchant transaction monitoring, the presence of a number of foreign insurance businesses in the presence of a single card single merchant transaction volume surge. In order to further standardize the overseas insurance businesses accept domestic UnionPay card, recently, we released the "overseas insurance businesses accept UnionPay cards in compliance guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide" "), reiterated that the relevant regulatory requirements and business rules, ensure compliance within the territory of China UnionPay cards in overseas use. The guidelines are currently in Hongkong trial, applicable to foreign insurance companies in the POS terminal, Internet, mobile payment and other channels to accept the domestic UnionPay card case. The main contents include: first, domestic residents in the country to buy and accident, disease and other tourism related to the consumption of current account insurance, you can use UnionPay card payment; other insurance items are prohibited to use UnionPay card payment. The two is to strictly implement the foreign exchange policy provisions of foreign insurance business single transaction does not exceed $5000 or other equivalent amount of foreign currency consumption limit. The three is to strengthen the management of overseas insurance agencies to collect the requirements of the merchant class, including: accurately set the merchant category code, to strengthen the training of merchants and abnormal transaction monitoring, strengthen business inspection, etc.. We will continue to provide overseas insurance companies in the regulatory framework of UnionPay card payment services. Yesterday evening, according to today’s "confused Hongkong insurance company suspended mainland customers UnionPay card to pay the premium of the rumors, the International Union has said that the Union did not stop the overseas insurance business card payment service. But according to regulatory requirements, UnionPay cards can only be issued within the territory of China for personal travel, consumer payment, shall not be used for the capital and financial account transactions, therefore, UnionPay cards can only be used with travel accident, disease and other consumer related projects often can not buy insurance, with capital investment for this project is the nature of human life. But sina.com.cn reports, Chinese life (Overseas) has suspended the UnionPay card to pay premiums and policy loans; Hongkong MetLife and AIA Hongkong will also held from 29 Mainland tourists UnionPay card payment moratorium. Last year, the sudden devaluation of the RMB, then continued downward, the mainland residents to Hongkong Hong Kong insurance coverage continues to increase, the mainland residents of the mainland to Hong Kong at the beginning of the year to tighten the insurance payment channels, including UnionPay cardholders to strictly enforce the mainland overseas insurance card limit, suspend part of online payment channels. Some analysts pointed out that the move is to prevent capital outflows. Affected by this news, Hongkong’s largest insurer, Prudential Friday night in London stock was down nearly 2%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number:.相关的主题文章:

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