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U.S. stocks fluctuate concern multi asset allocation is the key stocks volatility concern multi asset allocation is king Tan Zhijuan recent U.S. stock volatility caused by market concerns! September 9th, the United States ushered in the black Friday, the biggest drop since the British referendum in Europe, known as the panic Index said the VIX index soared 40%. Then in September 12th 2% ushered in a rebound, but the 13 day affected by the decline in international oil prices, U.S. stocks fell again, the three major stock indexes fell more than 1%, the Dow fell more than 250 points. Industry experts said the interview, the U.S. stock market volatility indicates that traders face a lot of uncertainty in the short term is very anxious and confused. In the context of high volatility, multi asset allocation is the kingly way, investors can configure multiple assets to reduce their portfolio volatility, investors concerned about the dollar related asset allocation and moderate attention in Hong kong. U.S. stocks increased uncertainty of comparison of stocks of Beijing Gray investment Cci Capital Ltd general manager Zhang Kexing to the "China business newspaper" reporter said, "the recent U.S. stock adjustment mainly because the United States is expected to raise interest rates and the European Central Bank President Delagi speech negative effect led directly to the U.S. stock crash of September 9th." JP Morgan believes that the recent European Central Bank President Delagi in the interest rate resolution after the conversation than expected, did not release the upcoming new easing measures, and the Fed continues to hawkish remarks led to the overseas market slump, the dollar has risen to about 60% in December, the probability of rate hikes, the market worried about tightening liquidity, VIX index is up 40% to 17.5, the market volatility show the trend of increase. FXTM Chinese futony market analyst Zhong Yuefa analysis said, the last one – Brainard Fed officials meeting in September before the public speaking (ticket commission) on Monday called for attention and interest rate risk accident delayed the external factors on the U.S. economy. The dovish speech immediately push stocks Monday, its biggest one-day gain since July; and on the last trading day (September 9th), the three major U.S. stock index also hit since the June 24th British champions back the biggest one-day decline, 13 stocks fell again, facing a lot of uncertainty that traders short to very sexy anxiety and confusion. For the U.S. stock market outlook, Zhang Kexing believes that the future of U.S. stocks may continue to adjust, there is a certain decline. Goldman also said U. S. chief strategist David Kostin in a recent report, U.S. stocks have been flat, flat is a natural thing. ‘volatility shocks, ups and downs’ more accurately describe the past 2 months the status of U.S. stocks. We expect the S & P 500 index will fall by the end of this year, and the S & P 500 will rise by more than $4% in the next 4 months." Kostin gives 5 reasons for stocks before the end of this year will fall: one is extremely Goldman bullish market sentiment index now numerical index is 95, this is a signal, suggesting that the next month s & P 500 fell 2%, after removal of the European referendum in the UK, the index of the most low value is 0 in general, a week after 500 Neibiao rose 4%; two with political uncertainty theory相关的主题文章:

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