Trend Of Shopping On Discounts And Loyalty

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews As the trend of discount shopping is increasing day by day not only in women but in men, youngsters and children selling products with different market strategies are being introduced too. People now prefer buying products from clothes, to bakery, to households, to furniture, and ready to make food meat products. People today can"t gather much time from their busy routines to make efforts to make things by themselves rather than getting ready made products. Therefore they get them from the markets and malls which are full of things in them. The shopkeepers and business men have adopted the marketing and product selling different policies. They include Loyalty programs and discount cards. Different discount programs are offered usually at the end of the seasons on the seasonal things which usually attract the potential customers towards the products. Customers are attracted when they see the tags off 30 %, 40% or 50 % off. Sellers buy these products on a very small profit or just no profit and at the original cost, the products which are not sold throughout the season. Moreover we have seen that stores offer different kind of loyalty programs or loyalty cards to their so called loyal customers. These loyalty cards are there for the grocery stores, hardware stores, electronic stores and so on. These cards usually offer two types of immunities. One that they offer points on every purchase which are added into the previous points one holds, so when these points add up to a specific limit the customer is given a free product on the basis of the points accumulated on the card. Moreover the other scheme is that they give relative discount on every purchase according to the points the loyal customer holds. Now the question arises that whether these loyalty programs benefit to the customers or it"s just a formality. Let"s find out! In a recent study it is said that almost 50% of the Americans participate in the loyalty programs and this figure is larger in the Canadian and European side. Brandweek did a survey to the answer to the question. Statistics tell that, 69% say that their experience of loyalty cards was good, 50% say that it really motivated them for repeat business, 37% said that their programs had less to offer, 32% said that their program had little value, 10% said that they were quite satisfied. Therefore the stats say that if you are willing to invest in loyalty programs they must be the good ones which value their customers rather than those which keep their profits more. Moreover you should try to shop things available on discount shopping but after the verification that they aren"t defected and suitable for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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