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To see why poor households (economic tea) – Society – although for 2020 all targets have been set, nor poverty alleviation into "cadre masses, see" one-man show, through the "early dry support, did little to support" competition policy design, let those who are accustomed to "money to lie down," poor households stand up and dry up recently and first Secretary of an impoverished village chat, he lamented not to do grassroots poverty alleviation, one of the most confusing, now some poor households to rely on such a serious, even poor households twinning cadres to spit "truth": to help me do, I don’t you not off the hook out of poverty, but also drag you back progress. The kind of kidnapped feeling to help cadres are depressed…… The first secretary said the cadres dry, the masses see the poverty show phenomenon does exist. Investigate its reason, not only the problem of poor households, but also help the problem. Admittedly, now the poor households do have a lazy, "waiting for help, to lie", this is their poverty is still one of the important reasons. On the other hand, needless to say, for the target responsibility system, performance appraisal and incompetent recall pressure as soon as possible in order to make pair of poor households out of poverty, some cadres too much "do", but poor people stood watching. How to change the current poverty alleviation in the presence of cadres to help dry, farmers look at the phenomenon? The first is to stimulate an antidote against the disease, poor people in the dynamic change "to poverty" to "I want to get rid of poverty". To help poverty alleviation jingqishen. Long term poverty, it is easy to kill people’s morale, people gradually lose the confidence of a better life. In some places, the long-term blood transfusion poverty alleviation also allows some people to rely on poor people rely on the path to rely on, but most people are still willing to help poor people, through hard work to live a good life. To get rid of poverty, an important task is to help the poor people get rid of their "stumbling block". In practical work, in addition to publicity and education, but also can organize the poor people to visit the scene of the success of poverty typical, especially around the success stories. Through the eyes of the real tour to learn, enhance confidence in poverty. Improve the policy design, encourage poor people do not rely on, take the initiative to dry up. The related system design, can not let the hard work had not lazy, at the same time to transfer clear policy signal to the poor masses: policy support the hard-working rich, only the basic living security fallback. Improve the relevant policy of poverty alleviation, can’t fall into the "squat wall in the sun, waiting for someone to send a" welfare trap. In addition to the universal, many policy support can be appropriate to introduce competitive mechanism, through the "early dry support, did little to support" policy arrangements, more effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of poverty and poverty initiative of the masses, let those who are accustomed to "money to lie down," poor households stand up dry up. Secondly, the specific methods to help work to improve, so that the two sides to help the community out of poverty. Taking industrial poverty alleviation as an example. In the choice of poverty alleviation, try not to choose too "sophisticated", the majority of the poor masses after training are difficult to grasp the project, that is)相关的主题文章:

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