Ting Zhang to produce quality inspection report to respond to mask storm hormone (video) tinyos

Ting Zhang storm: produce quality inspection report in response to mask without hormone Ting Zhang mask inspection report (the Zhou Chen Tencent entertainment news screenshot) the day before, consumers in the network complaints that the use of the company’s production and actress Ting Zhang endorsement of the "TIN SECRET" mask, facial appear allergy symptoms, causing no small concern. Ting Zhang then also on the Internet said their products "compliance cards are complete, and have a professional third party inspection and quarantine agency of health safety test. Today, Zhang Tingfang exclusive to the Tencent entertainment show Miss Cui using the product quality inspection certificate. Zhang Tingfang said, from the Ningbo entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau technical center test report shows that the use of the product does not contain cosmetics Miss Cui banned substances or hormones. It is reported that consumers Miss Cui is using the name of Ting Zhang TST live yeast new mask milk products. Miss Choi had previously said through the media, the use of the product in a month and a half after the emergence of acne double growth, and questioned the quality of the product. In the evening of September 6th consumer puliao, Ting Zhang micro-blog said their products "compliance cards are complete, and have a professional third party inspection and quarantine agency of health safety test. For the recent network question, the latest test report today TST product trademark rights and distributor of Shanghai Daerwei trade limited liability company responsible person also to the entertainment Tencent issued by the People’s Republic of China entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Ningbo technology center. Relevant person in charge told reporters that the question of the quality of the product in question after the use of Miss Cui, the company will challenge the product sent to check. According to the report, the seized products TST live yeast fresh mask milk quality, does not contain cosmetics banned substances or hormones. At the same time, the official also said that the company is currently assisting Miss Cui in the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment of the skin. It is reported that the hormone is prohibited by the state to add the ingredients of cosmetics. In 2009, the People’s Republic of China national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine, China National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued the GB T 24800.2-2009 test standard, there are 41 kinds of glucocorticoid was banned from use in cosmetics. The test report from a Tingfang show can be seen, the 41 hormones were not found. A list of Ting Zhang’s son clever hormone cosmetics banned cake I wish my father a happy father’s Day相关的主题文章:

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