Thumbs Up For Thumb-restorator

Mobile-Cell-Phone Thumb is a new form of social networking app that is highly addictive. It is an extremely simple app that has a simple system, a simple interface and a simple purpose. In this app, you either asks questions or reply questions. INTERFACE It has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate. You can either go to the vote page where you reply questions, the ask page where you ask questions, the reply page where you get to see replies to your questions, or the settings page to set up your personal profile. VOTE PAGE In the vote page, you can reply to other users’ questions with a thumbs up/down/neutral and a comment. By commenting to questions, you earn a chance to get a star from the person who asks the question and increase your profile reliability. Why would anyone wants to waste time answering questions from strangers? Well, it can be entertaining! In this app, users have to ask questions accompanied by a picture. This makes the replying questions process less boring and much more fun! In addition, you will also come across some questions that are really entertaining and funny. ASK QUESTIONS PAGE In this page, you get to ask any questions you desire. One thing to take note here is that you need to accompany all your questions with a picture. It is really fun to see the amount of response you can generate to your questions in a very short time. You get to get replies in minutes! I am really amazed! However, the down side to this app is that after a few hours, the replies generally die off and you get an average of about 100+ replies. Nevertheless, imagine how useful this app can be! It is able to generate replies to your questions just with a few clicks on your iPhone! With this app, you can even do a simple quick survey with little or no effort. All you need to do is get a picture, post a question and that is IT! REPLIES PAGE In this page, you can see all the answers to your questions that you have asked previously. In your questions, you can see some comments and thumbs up/down/neutral from other users. For users that commented to your questions, you can give them a star rating if you like their comments. With a heavily saturated social networking market nowadays, it is very hard for any new social networking websites/apps to find a breakthrough. However, I believe this app has the potential to become one of the major giant social networking company out there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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