Three new board received comments 915 stocks traded 6 shares rose more than 100%-foldercure

The new board received: 915 stocks traded 6 shares rose over 100% in network news (reporter Xu Weiping) today, the new board has 915 stocks traded, 10 stock turnover exceeded 10 million yuan, the degree of market activity over the previous decline. Stocks rose or fell, 6 stocks rose more than 100%. According to Wind information statistics, today’s normal trading three new board stocks reached 915, the turnover of the stock exceeded 10 million yuan in 10. Huaqiang infante maximum turnover reached 73 million 526 thousand and 700 yuan. Followed by the technology in the turnover of 27 million 959 thousand yuan. Ranked third in the volume of the birth of MediaTek was $27 million 402 thousand and 200. Friends, and signic nongdai cable boanmycin small turnover, respectively 1 thousand and 300 yuan, 1 thousand and 200 yuan and 1 thousand yuan. From the new board stock market performance, 6 stocks rose more than 100%, victall technology, Ai Senbo and Eastcom cars gainers, respectively, 3349.28%, 1263.64% and 377.27%; in contrast, food, and maple Pluronic outrace decreases, decreased by 86.67%, 86.36% and 83.50%.相关的主题文章:

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