This is a concert! Charm Blue 5 released today 6GB ram Sohu digital-oboni

This is a concert! Charm Blue 5 released today: 6GB ram? Many people ridicule Sohu – Digital Meizu new conference has become a concert, but Meizu today will also release Shazhao: "Tmall Charm Blue night concert at the Beijing commune sheep nest South Plaza, the way to release a new Charm Blue 5. The charm of blue 5 has appeared on the Ministry website, has also been sweeping configuration: 5.2 inch 720p screen, MediaTek MT6750 1.5GHz eight core processor, 23 6GB of memory (suspect should be 23 4GB, 1632 64GB) can be extended storage, 13 million pixels and 5 million pixels front camera, 3000mAh battery, YunOS system. In addition, the machine does not use the metal body, but the use of polycarbonate material, but in accordance with the attitude of Meizu before, there should also be fingerprint recognition and fingerprint payment. Meizu in accordance with the argument, Charm Blue 5 is to double the impulse from the 11 (and has not released red rice is also the case of the 4), so the price is expected to start at $599. This concert, we will see Sha Baoliang, Jike Juan Yi, Gloria Tang, SNH48 star debut, including Gloria Tang, SNH48 have had to help out the Meizu conference.相关的主题文章:

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