The woman was the owner of the Bentley sexual assault to help Audi owners refused to draw the new ca-9c8921

The woman was the owner of the Bentley "rape" to help the owner of the Audi refused to draw new car – Tianjin North news: a 30 year old woman Lee was driving a Bentley car man Lu to Beitang with an underground parking garage to have sex, Lee not from, two people during the tussle, another man driving a Audi A8 into the garage. Lee for help, Audi A8 owners mistakenly believe that they are two holes left the scene on the fight. Lee returned to the scene after the rescue, wanted to revenge Bentley lvmou, but did not find the Bentley car, but to see the Audi A8, Audi A8 will use an iron bar to scratch. The day before, Tanggu Binhai New District procuratorate accepted the destruction of public or private property case. According to reports, Lee in the entertainment, September 26, 2016, before the incident, the molestation lvmou suspects had dinner together, after Lu proposed to drive her home, unexpectedly, Lu did not send their home, but the car to the Beitang underground parking garage. After the car stopped, Lu and Li to have sexual relations, Lee was refused, the two tussle. During the incident, a Audi A8 came over, Lee took the opportunity to ask for help. Audi A8 owners later recalled, he drove in, see two people in the tussle, but listen to two dialogues, much like the couple in the fight, there is no tube. Lee came to escape. Later in the day, she returned to the underground garage, want to draw a Bentley car revenge Lu, but did not find a Bentley car, but saw the car Audi A8. Because the car’s license plate number is better, she was impressed. Lee believes that crying for help when the owner of the Audi did not help her, then picked up the iron A8 car scratch. In September 27th 8, Audi owners found the car was scratched, then alarm. The public security organs through the retrieval of surveillance, arrested lee. After the incident, Lee on their behavior is very remorseful, after compensation for the loss of the owner of the Audi, made the other party’s understanding. Finally, after reviewing the case, taking into account the reasons for the incident and the crime after repentance attitude, Tanggu Procuratorate on Lee decided not to arrest. As she forced molestation victim handled separately. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章:

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