The whole body is wet! Old driver Liu Chang is also afraid of

The whole body is wet! Old driver Liu Chang is also afraid of Kenneth Fok and Liu Changjin Liu Chang wearing a Bigfoot in the competition Liu Chang riding clothes daecheon Bigfoot monster truck Sina entertainment news heard of American wild monster truck? This week, "the amazing race third season eighth in the twenty-sixth Summer Olympic Games hosted by the city of Atlanta, the family who will ride in the extreme crazy monster truck," breaking "slope, rocks and other obstacles, launched a" quagmire of armageddon". This type of "Violence Aesthetics" challenge to old driver Liu Chang [micro-blog] has also suffered, hair, clothes without being wet. As the only group participated in the "Amazing Race" in the first quarter of partner, Liu Chang and Jin Dachuan are recognized as "old driver". Participate in the program of the Beijing point mapping, they also have the legs from the self deprecating little meat "into" old driver". Indeed, in the past the experience of the "blessing", whether it is high information card challenge, or paella "CD action", both for the brothers may be nothing difficult. The way they hacked, "once off scores" laurel stage". However, on Friday night, as the old driver of the brothers is facing another challenge "against" — they must embrace a bucket of water, a domineering Bigfoot "to ensure the tramp over mountains and through ravines in the bucket, the remaining water as possible. This thought is not difficult, Liu Chang "battle", and "active Curve Wrecker" Kenneth Fok compete. Never thought, just a Bigfoot "engine", he was out of the water bucket to be caught off guard. With the monster truck flew all the way, the slope climbing stone, so thrilling leap speed, so that Liu Chang in the bucket of water "losses", this is called "the most crazy car" Bigfoot also turned the "truck", Liu Chang also shouted accident: "I didn’t think it would spill out so much!" Just the end of the first trip "Bigfoot" tour, Liu Chang became very embarrassed, not only white clothes covered with mud, still wet, hair dripping. Such horrors, to partner Jin Dachuan also could not help but laugh: "should be in the mouth with slobber!" Liu Chang and Jin Dachuan can turn the tide, the success of "clearance"? More exciting, please pay attention to Friday night 21:06 Shenzhen TV broadcast of "the amazing race third season. In addition, this program will also be on Friday night and Saturday, 12:45 and 23:20 on time to meet you. (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章:

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