The United States and Russia four weapons PLA tanks only Dalei win big Sohu Military Channel ca1871

The United States and Russia four weapons: PLA tanks only hit win big Sohu Military Channel Map: the people’s Liberation Army 96A tank night fire screen. 1 fighter aircraft, the United States in the field of stealth fighter in the world’s leading position. In the world, only the United States Army equipped with fifth generation fighter. The Russian and Chinese fifth generation fighter is still in the state of development, the two countries are trying to make the new aircraft as soon as possible. But the United States is currently only equipped with 187 F-22 fighter aircraft, as another fighter F-35 still has a lot of problems, such as helmet overweight. These problems lead to F-35 can not be put into use. At the same time, China is developing 4 stealth fighter. Among them, the f -31 in the 2014 air show for the first time appeared in front of people, should Chinese is currently the most advanced fighter; fighter -20 may have just entered the mass production stage, its performance may not be compared with the F-22, but may be similar to the F-35; the other two fighter f -23 and -25 so far is still in the stage. Although Russia has developed a stealth fighter, but the performance of the fighter may be comparable to F-22. The fighter’s name is T-50, and may be in service by the end of this year or early next year. Compared with F-22, T-50 stealth ability is poor, but more flexible. If both meet, F-22 may win. However, once the Russian fighter first to lock the target, F-22 may encounter great trouble. In accordance with the above analysis, if the direct confrontation between the Russian and Chinese fifth generation fighter, F-22 will win. However, the United States can not ignore the development of military weapons in other countries. China and Russia may be the characteristics of the F-22 R & D new fighter. 2 tanks American army in 1980 equipped with the first batch of M-1 tanks. In the ensuing decades, the U.S. military companies to upgrade the tank a number of times to improve the armor protection capabilities, the power of traditional systems and weapons performance. The M-1 tank is equipped with a 120 mm gun, a powerful electronic system, a remote control weapon station and a multi-layer protective armor. These include depleted uranium armor, armor, armor and Kevlar armor Qiaobamu reaction. Russia is developing a Amata armored chassis T-14 tank based on current MBT is T-90A. T-90A’s performance is very strong, and even in the military conflict in Syria after the TOW anti tank missile attacks still survive. This tank commissioned in 2004, equipped with automatic loading machine, remote control, reactive armor type machine gun and a 125 mm gun can be fired anti tank missiles by gun. Similar to Russia, China is also equipped with a number of new tanks, while developing the next generation of military weapons. At present, the most powerful Chinese MBT is 99. The Type 99 tank is equipped with a 125 mm high pressure chamber and light tank gun autoloader, the missile can be fired. After the upgrade, the new 99 tanks with reactive armor, said to be able to withstand the U.S. and Russian tanks.相关的主题文章:

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