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The typhoon "malakas" one after another hit or serious storm surge disasters in new Beijing on 15 September, (reporter Ruan Yulin) of the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" on China coast has not yet subsided, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "China malakas" and headed straight to the East China Sea, and will bring disasters to storm surges and waves China East coast. "Meranti" in 15 on the morning of 3 points 05 points before and after landing in Fujian coast. At present has weakened into a tropical storm, with the "North moranti", periphery nephsystem will give Zhejiang, Fujian bring coastal storm surge, coastal high due to the astronomical tide, is expected to 15 night high tide is likely to reach the local blue warning tidal level. China National Marine forecast news, "malakas" center 15, 14 is located in the southeast of Hualian City, Taiwan Province, 960 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, is expected to gradually close to Taiwan Ocean east, then turn north gradually moving northward in the East China sea. Under its influence, is expected to start on 16, Taiwan East Sea, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea large waves, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai coast will also appear a wave process. The National Marine forecast expects, "Maleka" will 16-18 to Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai coastal areas from the south to the North caused a storm surge process, including Fujian Minjiang, Zhejiang Wenzhou, Taizhou port and Hangzhou Bay coastal area is seriously affected coasts. Because it is on the 16th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar to August 18th, Fujian and Shanghai along the sea in the astronomical tide period, the coastal astronomical tide generally close to the blue alert level. In this case, "Maleka" brought by the storm surge and astronomical tide superimposed, there may be more severe storm surge disaster. The National Marine forecast storm surge chief forecaster Wu Shaohua said the typhoon near the coast, the extent of the storm surge caused by typhoon with time and the time of astronomical tide, the overall increase has great influence on water and storm surge warning level. Due to the current "malakas" into the ocean east of Taiwan, the path and the speed is still uncertain, do not rule out the storm surge warning level to red may. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章:

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