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The teacher was cancer events. The scotoma see light paper   Wang Shichuan 23, LanZhou JiaoTong University school dean Chen Ling Bowen Liu Lingli’s parents to apologize. Subsequently, the school and the family members of Liu Lingli teachers to discuss specific issues of compensation, the two sides reached a settlement, and signed a settlement agreement. In addition to reissue wages 57600 yuan, 14400 yuan of funeral pensions, will all compensation 400 thousand yuan for medical expenses, family assistance payments 60 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan solatium. Too late to apologize. Liu gave 500 thousand yuan, Chen Ling can realize self salvation? Post college can wash away the shame? I am afraid it is difficult to. Even if the money can settle Liu Lingli’s parents, also can not settle the public opinion and justice care. To seek reconciliation, active remediation, far more than the apology compensation behavior remain impenitent, worthy of recognition. However, some things are not fair, not reconciliation, such as Dr. Chen Ling’s identity, all kinds of chaos in independent college. Chen Ling who has dazzling aura, for example, China’s most socially responsible educator, moved China’s top ten private education figures". Unfortunately, their actions run counter to these titles. Chen Ling not only has also covered across multiple fields, a busy, where so much energy? And, according to media reports, Chen Ling is involved in education before the housing enterprises mister, this is not legitimate cross-border, but from the merchant to the Dean, what really happened, there is no violation of laws and regulations related. The Department should investigate. Chen Ling, a graduate of Beijing Normal University, graduated from Peking University in January 2013. She is a visiting fellow and a visiting scholar. But Beijing Normal University and the University of North Korea have responded to deny. If Chen Ling fraud is true, should not bear the responsibility? It is Chen Ling’s can’t help laughing, the honorary title of the existence of a large number of water. According to media reports, the selection of Chen Ling as "Chinese ten well-known private school principals" moved China ten private education figures "and" Chinese private education innovation outstanding educator "China private educator Congress, is the flagship product of private Chinese educators association. The association is a cottage community, has been exposed to the Ministry of civil affairs. Chen Ling, who is the honorary title, is not to spend money to buy, you need to prove that gold is not high is the fact. Bowen college is the two college Lanzhou Jiaotong University, after confirmation by the Ministry of education for independent colleges, private universities. We should not have independent college bias, but over the years of Independent College — indeed frequent insiders pointed out that some independent colleges in the school in the name of "policy under the guise of false independence" "schools" and a double track system, the existence of illegal recruitment, arbitrary charges, the board of Directors Management, the quality of teaching is low, running there the short-term behavior of chaos. Obviously, the independent college is not how to post the barony, school, also a survey. An apology is not an end point, since the end of Chen Ling is not the goal. Through the existing information connection, truth is not completely, but the Liu Lingli affair has opened the lid of post College chaos, regulatory departments and the judicial organs involved. After all, the handling of the case can not replace the mechanism, institutional remedy. To guard against class.相关的主题文章:

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