The swimming class 8 children black tongue says no problem of water facilities exit safe mode

The swimming class 8 children tongue Black said the water is no problem venues many children are black tongue badly. The children’s teeth are all black. Original title: Tai’an 8 children swim black tongue! The swimming class denied water related 23, located in the Tai’an Pearl Daizong street fitness swimming hall, children are parents found teeth, tongue dark, parents with children in emergency medical treatment, not a moment to find out the specific reasons. Parents believe that the swimming pool water quality problems, the swimming pool side said the water quality is no problem, it may be the children’s diet. 24, 2009, a total of eight children to see a doctor, the three were confirmed to have fungal infections, all children need medication. At present, the health department has been involved in the preliminary tests show, pH value, turbidity, residual chlorine in line with national standards, water quality standards, are doing further investigation. The swimming class eight children swim black tongue 24 in the morning, in the Department of Stomatology of Tai’an Central Hospital, 8 children less than 10 years old, parents bring check. On the afternoon of the previous day, the parents found their children not only tongue teeth black, a lot of people have the same symptoms. Xiao Chang, open his mouth to see uncle." Parents Liu voice, just 9 years old little Chang open the mouth, tongue coating a layer of black material. The same is true of teeth, black material is not covered with the full development of the teeth. Another seven or eight children nearby, also opened his mouth, every child tongues, teeth black, just slightly different. The kids happy playing, but also than whose tongue is more black, one side of the parents laughing, frowning repeatedly sigh. "If only I had known it earlier, I didn’t expect so many children." Parents Ms. Sun said that all abnormal body children are in the swimming pool on the Pearl Daizong street fitness swimming class, and in a team. On the afternoon of 23, parents and children in class, suddenly found not a child mouth black, simple statistics, there are seven or eight children. Parents said that these children do not agree with the diet, and never eat together, it is not possible because of the common problem of eating the body caused by abnormal. Different from other ordinary swimmers, the children took part in the swimming team, which took a long time to soak in more than two meters of water, and almost every day since the holidays so. As a result, they suspect that there is a problem in the pool water quality, it led to the child’s physical abnormalities. Rushed to the hospital to check, the doctor said the first meeting on the afternoon of 23, parents take their children to the hospital emergency inspection, medical staff said they first encountered this situation, it is difficult to diagnose. In the children’s medical records, the reporter saw a sentence on the teeth nigrescent reason inference is suspected of chemical poisoning, but this sentence has been artificially crossed. The parents told the Qilu Evening News reporter · Qilu one point, this sentence is 23 days after initial diagnosis when the doctor wrote, because the doctor is not determined by the doctor, and later crossed out. 24 morning, the parents took their children to the hospital early in the morning to check the Department of Stomatology, the doctor checked 2相关的主题文章:

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