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The Silk Road International Film Festival Award winner project venture projects – Sohu entertainment Silk Road International Film Festival Film Market Forum kicked off the project venture capital Sohu entertainment news on September 20th, the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival Film Market Forum opened in the first project venture roadshow fiery atmosphere. After the script review, project statements, review questions, many links, sci-fi suspense "project Pisces town" at bonuses as high as one hundred thousand of the "grand jury prize". Nearly two hundred professionals and investors participated in the project roadshow, listen to seven wonderful statements finalists parties, representatives from the major domestic film company all of the project showed great interest. The investment will be September 21st all day long, one to negotiate the Westin Hotel in Xi’an with the project. Roadshow intense competition for the first prize of 200 thousand yuan a total of third Silk Road International Film Festival, the first venture capital competition. Roadshow scene, seven projects through stories, videos, pictures, stories, folk concept boards and other forms to show the audience complete style project. Final review by the domestic senior producer Du Yang, well-known director Zhang Jiarui, the famous screenwriter Zhou Zhiyong served as. The three judges after listen to the project statements, questions review, review meeting process, comprehensive investigation and combined with the finalists style, the type of project prospects, team composition and performance of the final selection of the roadshow, "grand jury prize", "best screenplay" and "Best Creative Award" three awards, winning the list is as follows: "Pisces town" won the jury prize, bonus one hundred thousand "later" won the best screenplay award, bonus fifty thousand "encounter wanted" won "Most Creative Award" prize of fifty thousand "Pisces town" tells the story of a couple into the overlapping space, into a murder mystery circle story type finish high project to Pisces jade and Peng Jiamu disappearance of legend as the background, the market is very down to earth, looking forward to a good project, the three judges are given at the same time High marks, discussed by the final review of the jury unanimously decided, was awarded the grand jury prize". The "best screenplay Award" project "later" ingenious combination of elegant Kunqu Opera elements, detailed show the growth process of youth voice exciting, art is extremely high, but also touching feelings of youth. The occasional "wanted" with fascinating conception, for the most creative Award ", the project provides a unique perspective of ordinary people and wanted to track the course of the game, into a strong sense. Several other projects have received the "award of excellence", are "copycat" Wuthering "and" melancholy "Najib cangxue detective". As an international special project, Italy science fiction project "was awarded the" special award "diver". Project booking full part of the project as well as a small amount of idle of the venture project winning results fit the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival "in the development of the film, the diversity of culture" theme. 264 project talent shows itself three awards from the general assembly in the project, both in cultural diversity, comprehensive and open on the exposed edge, but also in terms of type, marketization and internationalization success taking shape grinding. Except for the bonus.相关的主题文章:

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