The popular SX5 named the new X5 will be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show – joyear car Sohu 3u8547

The popular SX5 named the new king Yi X5 will debut at the Chengdu Motor Show – Sohu [Sohu] car car new car the day before, we learned from the official popular wind, the popular SX5 officially named the new king Plaza X5, it is reported that it will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Chengdu auto show, will be with cash Jingyi X5 after the car market sales. Appearance: new joyear X5 appearance with a new design, the overall style more rounded grille with three picture style, with chrome trim, and headlight is connected with the transverse tensile, visual front. In addition, the body was added to the black under siege, with the car side tough lines, SUV temperament is more obvious. The car tail style compared to the front to be more simple, with a wide chrome strip on both sides of the tail is played as extension of the tail of the transverse visual effect. Interior: compared to the cash, the car changes greatly, basically with a new design, especially through the air out of most of the Chinese console outlet, looks very personality. In addition, the suspended screen console is also equipped with a popular, the size and function of temporary can make nothing of it we also vaguely see, it is also equipped with a front seat heating function, the overall style is very similar with the new Audi Q7. Power: the new car is expected to use 1.6L and 2.0L combination of power transmission system is expected to have 5 block manual transmission and CVT optional two.相关的主题文章:

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