The new service opens today, asked the letter Xian ceremony grand start

The new service opens today, "asked" the letter Xian ceremony tomorrow to start the 7.5 grand CGWR score | asked the novice card booking area lead: ten years of classic, millions of online, "asked" new clothes "Mr. Lonely" popular open today, the new service exclusive gifts big run, landing the new service to get the value of 2799 yuan a red envelope. More new Sendoh feast activities hot open tomorrow, thousands of friends to Qingchengshan festival. The PK match line 128 knockout today hot war, "asked" multiple exciting first look. "Asked" the official website of > > "ask" the Sina micro-blog > > "ask" the chamber activities > > "ask" > > Sendoh feast invitation; "asked" new clothes "Mr. Lonely" today hot open new service "Mr. Lonely" opens today generous welfare delivery "asked" the new "Mr. Lonely" popular open today, 2799 yuan a red envelope is not limited to delivery, invite friends to fight. Participate in the new service activities must obtain random elixir of melting, or numerical experience Daoxing reward. In addition, will also get rare props, the rate of organic animal variation, the 80 stage 4 jewelry, massive silver ingots and other incentives. The new service multiple welfare activities fiery strikes, generous benefits to get soft! "Asked" Akira Akira held a grand feast feast tomorrow tomorrow held multiple surprise burst "asked" Sendoh new activities will be held in the grand feast tomorrow, then "with guest, bear and savage" Three Road King will visit the site, a new member of the COS group will also debut in front of you, the scene of multiple generous gifts game player feedback. In addition, Sendoh feast set multiple game player interaction in the game, reducing the story, let the game player experience real combat fun. Akira feast of wonderful new, let us together tomorrow! "Asked" the national PK match line tournament start fiery national competition for the strongest king "asked" PK national tournament for Zhongzhou National hot, the strongest king. Today will be the next line 128 into 64 playoff games and 64 in the 32 tournament, Zhongzhou 32 will honor the birth of. Tomorrow is the 32 into 8 playoff games, a new round of battle will once again set off a frenzy. Into the top 8 players will receive high cash and other generous rewards, who will become the strongest king of Zhongzhou? Let’s cheer for the game player! "Asked" the exquisite original painting "asked" new clothes "Mr. Lonely" popular open today, millions of exclusive gift portrait xiangsong. More new Sendoh feast activities held tomorrow, the third national PK competition has intensified, please continue to pay attention to the official information multiple exciting. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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