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The new century 4 big 3, James 2 group, green army won the old hero – Sohu NBA is now becoming more and more popular sports stars hold together, especially after entering the new century, when three years ago, Kobe and O’neal’s ruling coalition in the new century, then GDP combined achievements of Duncan and spurs a Golden. The fact that a single nuclear led more and more difficult to have reached the championship, even the team have been stopped at the binuclear championship before the door, such as thunder Durant and Westbrook combination etc.. So now the team wants to win the championship is often through the transaction to introduce at least 3 All Star players! The new century has a total of four teams won the big three combinations through the transaction, some of them have proved himself, some still prove himself on the way, today we are going to check those super giant combination of achievements. 4 warriors curry + Green + Durant warriors this season introduced Durant to form the strongest three giants, including curry and Durant is recognized as one of the League top five players this season, with the maximum price of three giant warriors to fight for the championship. Three games were close to scoring 65 points, although curry and Durant sometimes need to create opportunities to each other and there is a certain attack overlap, but the warriors can’t worry about it. They believe that after a run in period of the warriors will not stop. For the warriors of the season, losing the championship is a failure. 3 Knight James + Erwin + Le Fu if the Cavaliers last season did not win, then joining Loew and James return to Cleveland when the rhetoric will become meaningless, but in the end they created a miracle, finished first in the finals 1:3 backward and win in team history. Now James and his knights are on the way to defend the title, I believe this year their biggest obstacle is still from the west, in the East they hit the finals with the probability of the penalty as stable as the free throw of the ball, the same as in the east of the United states. It will be very meaningful if the final is a knight against the warriors. 2 Celtics Garnett + Ray Allen + Pearce no doubt the Celtics big three combination is the most comprehensive forum in 2008 when Garnett and Ray Allen continued to join Celtic, Celtic to rise rapidly, once swept across the union. Garnett, Ray Allen and Pearce three people do not have any complementary characteristics of giant Baotuan flaws, but they will all personal best time to the old master of their occupation career, when entering China, in order to try the taste of the championship. Baotuan. It is also when the green army won the championship, Garnett was crying so emotional. 1 Miami James + Wade + Bosh heat big three is the best at the same time from the 2003 golden generation draft, perfect peak opened two consecutive Baotuan Miami NBA Championship ruling alliance era. In the heat, it was difficult for other teams to beat them, because James and Wade were so strong at the peak that they even created a record of 27 wins in the regular season. There is no doubt that the heat of the three giants from the rule and achievements will always be planted into history, it is difficult to see such a peak giant show.相关的主题文章:

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