The murderer Liu Ye Zhang Yi the sun also hunt edge fight — entertainment channel, pe-kasey chase

"The murderer" Liu Ye Zhang Yi "the sun also hunt" edge fight — entertainment channel — by leading black crime film directed by Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yanhui, Yan Bei, Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer is" before the exposure of "Sun Xing" trailer and a group of "run" version of the poster. Director Cao Baoping inherited from the "glorious anger", "Li mi suspicion", "sun burning heart" since the black crime film creation concept and unique film language style, "the murderer also" in creating suspense crime level all threads neatly tied up, cold and sharp, from the realistic care to establish a good and evil twin substrate the unique image of the world, suspense rebirth. From the exposure of the "hot brick" trailer can peep some sound, ticking stopwatch suspense, infinite lines, shot in the close character cramped, shock, and close-up crime clues show, showing a savage, image force sharp. "Run" version of the poster is funny movie show the murderer, showing the black humor style. It is reported that the film will be released in mid September 14th National archives. "Sun burning heart" image language new trial Cao Baoping open the "black crime scale murderer also" exposure "the murderer" trailer shows Cao Baoping the director for the crime film exquisite control, audio-visual presentation on it freely, just to heat. The new trial is following the "sun burning heart" portable photography, zoom lens shooting characters after the ultimate style, image language more vivid and natural. At the beginning of the trailer epitonic stopwatch ticks collocation crime clues close-up, the black field rhythm transformation, manufacturing a sense of suspense. The second song (Liu Yeshi) alley tension performance changes, Dong Xiaofeng (Zhang Yishi), Wang Youquan exaggerated form wearing horn cap on a motorcycle (section Bo ornaments) in the river, the second global song with a stick to chase, Wang Youquan was the head shots content given by direct impact on the audience, but also shows the film for crime violence and tension force has suspense. The film shows the unique visual pupil, director Cao Baoping said: "the creation, more want to present a wild, cold image style." Bright yellow song child opened Yunnan winter shooting chase scenes in the movie scene subtilis, trucks have a unique design of the cold, the whole film and light tone is also relatively warm, showing a crime under the sun exposure impact. The reality of human life and ultimate presentation edge character of the "critical deep torture notice also shows the same sun pupil" theme of the works of Cao Baoping, the height and the characters of real life care. The characters in the film are all living in the border of Yunnan, rooted in a "good faith" for the chase, each role in the complex pursuit. You can kill anyone in the trailer." "I don’t kill the women and other lines simple but full of meaning, no fancy but conforms to the common attitudes and intentions of the extreme events. In addition, the trailer also presents Yang Shuhua (Prince gloze), Sister Ping (Tan Zhuoshi) two women wrapped)相关的主题文章:

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