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"The most beautiful nurse" save the elderly unnamed coma (Figure) – causing the city to find Beijing Peng Ying nurses work according to Feng Can photo Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Wen reports: 21 PM to 2 pm, Jintang town Maoming Maonan District Mao Gao Lu Huang Ni Tang Road, a young woman ran fainted on the roadside the arbor side, after the old man to see, immediately launched an emergency rescue. She knelt on the uneven stone on the ground, do everything in good order and well arranged chest compressions and artificial respiration, after the old man was sent to the ambulance, the woman slipped away. Maoming police and the media led the city to find, and eventually learned that she was a nurse in a hospital in Foshan, called Peng Ying. 24, the reporter saw Peng Ying, for the matter, she said at the time was only thinking of the ability to do, do not he will die, but also said that many of our nurses are like this". On the way to rescue Peng Ying is a coma oboth Foshan Chinese Medicine Hospital nurses. The afternoon of October 21st, Peng Ying sat on the back seat of a motorcycle mother, passing through the city of Maoming Jintang town Maonan District Mao high roadside, suddenly found a group of people around a man lying on the ground, "the old man left back against a stone, still bleeding, a motorcycle to the side, around two or three people gathered. But did not dare to go forward," she recalls, she immediately stopped to let the mother, the old man patted the shoulder call, see no response, a man’s hand, carotid artery has stopped. "I was quite nervous, worried that he was going to die," Peng Yingli moment let mother to a nearby health station for help, she wears a skirt despite the pain on their knees on the gravel road, the old man immediately to do chest compressions. See the onlookers are not approached, Peng Yingli onlookers moment arrangements for the old man to open an umbrella, let other youth to relay, "they say not by, I said I teach them, I press not too long". Four or five minutes later, still do press Peng Ying suddenly raced around to hear people say "old hands move", but they still haven’t seen, Peng Ying and two passers-by in about 10 minutes, the old man hands slightly move again the two, but he did not respond, so Peng Ying went to open the mouth, the old man immediately to do artificial respiration, the old man’s eyes open and close again; she give the old man to do artificial respiration, the old man opened his eyes again, "the old man told Peng Ying quickly woke up to open my eyes". The old man is in slightly better, 110 police arrived at the scene shortly after the ambulance came to the scene, Peng Ying also told the arrival of the medical staff some matters needing attention. At this time, Peng Yingcai found that two of their knees have been bloodshed, hands and chest because of excessive force and aching. After giving a brief account of the 110, low-key Peng Peng did not disclose their specific identity, and mother quietly left, and in the evening back to Foshan ready to go to work. She did not know, at this time of Maoming, has set off a search for her craze. The tracing action due to Peng Ying lead did not disclose the name and telephone number, WeChat is the only mention of her circle of friends is the third people’s hospital nurse named Peng Ying ". So, Maoming launched a city to find the most beautiful nurse Peng Ying action. Local media, police, city.相关的主题文章:

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