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"The most beautiful community worker Chen Yan let old district full of new vitality Chen Yan (left two) communication and the work of the masses. Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 17th news (Fuzhou Daily Reporter Mok (micro-blog) Jiang Yachen in November, Chen Yan thinks to) more and more busy. Taijiang District, the Red Star plots of old house in the area of collection soon, as Kim Doo community party secretary, director of the neighborhood of her, not only for the community affairs every day, but also the collection of related work. The residents returned home from work, she would start street, carry out home work. "Never be too busy trying to solve problems for the masses." Chen Yan said. For the elderly community launched the "happy home delivery" service in July 2009 to Jin Dou community office, Chen Yan habit every day at 7:30 in the morning to work at night, after the peak of work habits. "Not only can take care of those who go to work time not free to act the residents, I also reduced the time spent in traffic, Why not??" This time, Chen Yan because of busy resettlement households, rarely appear in the office. "Community staff telephone are open to the public, if the office phone no answer will go to my mobile phone." Chen Yan said, even the night received a phone call, she would never treat vague. The elderly, disabled, how to provide convenient services? This year, Chen Yan launched the community members benefit by mutual discussion launched the happy home delivery "service. Now, whether it is home care, housekeeping, property services, or government, health care, legal services, as long as a phone call, residents will be able to enjoy at any time to the emergency services and delivery convenience. On the first page of page 12 page back to do community work lies in the "heart" of the people, to solve practical problems than to say what works." Chen Yan believes that the secret of doing community work is nothing more than "hard" two words, listen to the demands of the masses, consider ourselves a solution. Xu elder sister is Jin Dou community residents, the last century married in Taiwan. In the other side, when they heard that the son in Fuzhou for fighting in prison, badly read her immediately rushed back. Due to illegal immigration, Xu elder sister into "identity" of the people, under a Taiwanese husband filed for divorce. Multiple attack, Xu elder sister on the streets, even with alcohol abuse, often with shindy. Chen Yan learned that Xu elder sister’s situation with her ran several departments, to help her apply for low back, "identity", but also for her to guarantee, to apply for public rental housing over the foot of the. "To her, we almost ran their legs off." Chen Yan said, a sister’s son was released from prison after specifically to the community. He said that all the community for his mother to do, he had in mind, he must have a good life in the future, no longer. Today, although it no longer Doo community residents, Xu elder sister still to come back here and do some volunteer service. The 20 year old district full of new vitality of democratic consciousness constantly improve, more and more attention to the interests of. This lets Chen Yan realize, community work must adapt to the new situation, to the "guide service". So, she decided to innovate the community management mechanism to mobilize residents to participate in community governance. "A lot of Jinan apartments and village residents and street stores reflect their influence, high-altitude parabolic;

“最美社区工作者”陈艳 让老旧小区焕发新生机陈艳(左二)与办事群众交流。福州新闻网(微博)11月17日讯(福州日报(微博)记者 莫思予 蒋雅琛)进入11月,陈艳越来越忙。台江区排尾红星地块旧屋区改造征收在即,作为金斗社区党委书记、居委会主任的她,每天不仅要负责社区大小事务,还要兼顾征收相关工作。居民下班回到家,她就要开始走街串巷,开展入户工作了。“再忙也要尽全力为群众排忧解难。”陈艳说。为社区老人推出“幸福宅急送”服务2009年7月来到金斗社区任职后,陈艳养成了每天早晨7点半上班,晚上高峰期后下班的习惯。“既能照顾到那些上班时间没空来办事的居民,我也减少了花在交通上的时间,何乐而不为呢?”这段时间,陈艳因为征迁忙着入户,很少出现在办公室。“社区工作人员电话都是公开的,办公电话如果没人接听就会转到我的手机上。”陈艳说,即便是深夜接到电话,她也绝不含糊对待。社区老人多,行动不便,如何提供便捷的服务?今年,陈艳发动社区党员集思广益,推出“幸福宅急送”服务。如今,不管是居家养老、家政、物业服务,还是政务、医疗、法律服务,只要一通电话,居民就能随时享受到应急服务和送货上门的便捷。首页上一页12下一页末页做好社区工作秘诀在于“用心”“对群众来说,解决实际问题比说什么话都管用。”陈艳认为,做好社区工作的秘诀不外乎“用心”二字,要悉心聆听群众诉求,设身处地考虑解决之道。许大姐原是金斗社区居民,上个世纪嫁到台湾。身在海峡另一边,当听说儿子在福州因斗殴入狱后,念子心切的她马上赶了回来。由于是非法入境,许大姐成了没有“身份”的人,台湾的丈夫一气之下提出离婚。多重打击之下,许大姐流落街头,甚至染上酗酒恶习,常常与人大打出手。陈艳得知许大姐的境遇后带着她跑了好几个部门,帮她申请低保,拿回“身份”,还为她出面担保,申请到了鼓岭脚下的公租房。“为了她的事,我们几乎跑断了腿。”陈艳说,许大姐的儿子出狱后特地向社区道谢。他说,社区为他母亲做的所有事,他都记在心上,今后他一定好好生活,不再犯法。如今,虽然已不再是金斗社区居民,许大姐仍不时回到这里,做一些志愿服务。20年老旧小区焕发新生机群众民主意识不断提高,越来越注重利益诉求。这让陈艳意识到,社区工作必须适应新形势,向“指导服务型”转变。于是,她决定创新社区管理机制,发动居民参与治理社区。“许多金安公寓和横街新村的居民和店家反映,高空抛物影响了他们的生活和经营。”陈艳介绍,每年因高空抛物产生的邻里纠纷都不少,保洁员也为了清理屋顶上的垃圾而烦恼不已。去年8月,金斗社区与台江区鲲鹏青少年事务服务中心合作,开展以“三社联动”为基础的志愿服务。在金安公寓小区和横街新村试点开展“邻里互助”和“垃圾不落地,文明添福气”两个项目后,涌现出一批明星志愿者和环保小卫士。社工带着社区青少年清理垃圾、发放环保宣传单,还用废塑料、旧报纸制作环保手工作品。“居民看到后都不好意思乱扔垃圾了。”陈艳拿出厚厚一叠资料,上面记录着居民志愿者参加的每一次讨论会、听评会情况。经过讨论,居民们还提出安装针对高空抛物的监控探头,签订了107份环保承诺书。近年来,20年的老旧小区焕发新生机:“高空抛物”现象改善,闲置物业处变身居民活动室,小区入口天棚不再漏水,小区下坡道也拓宽了……在陈艳等社区工作者和居民们的共同努力下,金斗社区获得了全国和谐示范社区、福建省先进基层党组织、福州市创先争优先进基层党组织等30多项荣誉。首页上一页12下一页末页(福州新闻网(微博))>相关的主题文章:

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