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"The Mekong River action" won the National Archives champion Zhang Hanyu King – Shandong Channel – box office: original title: "the Mekong River" won the National Archives champion Zhang Hanyu became king in 2016 eleven at the box office: holidays, many domestic movies targeting the national day of the schedule to the. The action of Mekong River, which was starred by Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng, has been rising all along the box office after the word of mouth fermentation. It has become a well deserved dark horse in the national movie market. The president of Boehner was more angry than Zhang Hanyu in the box office. Just seven days the national archives, the movie box office has undergone the change first turn the world upside down, "passing from your world" at the box office all the way, "the Mekong" contrast "action passing from your world" from the beginning of the bustling, but walking is gradually rising line sound. Only on the third day of the national day, the box office passed the "duer" and became the runner up. During the seven days of national day, the Mekong River action became the first day of the National Day movie box office at the 528 million box office. The film "Mekong River action" film shows Zhang Hanyu’s performance in the film. With the success of "assembly", "tiger" upgrade to create. Zhang Hanyu’s "tough guy" image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many people. Many spectators say that if Zhang Hanyu was not playing the role of Gao Gang, they would not know who would be more suitable. With the accumulation of years of acting experience and the improvement of self capability, Zhang Hanyu has gradually become a real drama in the mainland film and television circles. Many actors who have worked with him have been impressed by his seriousness and pursuit in performance. In the Mekong River action, Zhang Hanyu’s character Gao Gang is the captain of the action team of the overseas encirclement and suppression drug dealers. In a movie that is very complex and complicated, it needs more than acting skills. On the one hand, Zhang Hanyu is not lost any professional, with their years of experience and dedication, in the film shows the best, also with the film "Xiao" in the establishment of a profound feelings, self than the "Dog King", let the audience in the "strong counterattack" the tough face felt a soft but strong heart. Review of 07 years of "assembly" shopping "the Warlords" 14 years, "tiger" bloody "one step", "15 year old gun" after the release of the film in the doldrums, Boehner president Dong also said: "Zhang Hanyu is fully deserve domestic main melody movie box office King counter attack". (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin) 《湄公河行动》夺国庆档冠军 张涵予成票房逆袭王–山东频道–人民网 原标题:《湄公河行动》夺国庆档冠军 张涵予成票房逆袭王   在2016年的十一假期,众多国产电影盯准了国庆档期竞相而出。张涵予、彭于晏主演的《湄公河行动》在口碑发酵后票房一路攀升,成为国庆档国产电影市场的一匹当之无愧的黑马。博纳总裁于东更怒赞张涵予是票房“逆袭王”。   短短七天国庆档,电影票房却发生了翻天覆地的变化,首先是《从你的全世界路过》的票房一路飘红,《湄公河行动》对比《从你的全世界路过》的从开始就热闹非凡,反而走的是稳健的逐步攀升路线。仅在国庆第三天,票房就超过了《爵迹》成为亚军,国庆七天内,《湄公河行动》以5.28亿票房成为了国庆档影片票房第一。   《湄公河行动》影片主演张涵予在电影中的表现可圈可点。有了《集结号》的成功,《智取威虎山》的升级创造。张涵予的“国民硬汉”形象已经深入人心,不少观众表示如果不是张涵予演高刚这个角色,他们也想不出谁会更合适。多年演艺经验的积累和不断自我能力的提高,使张涵予逐渐成为内地影视圈中一个名副其实的“戏骨”,不少与他合作过的演员都对他在表演上的认真和追求极致印象深刻。   《湄公河行动》中张涵予要塑造的人物高刚是境外围剿毒枭行动队的队长,在一个枪战、爆破无比繁复的电影中,不光需要演技,动作戏上更是不能含糊。这一方面张涵予更是不输给任何专业人士,凭借自己多年经验和认真的精神,在影片中呈现出了最好的状态,还跟电影中的警犬“啸天”建立了深厚的感情,自比“狗王”,让观众在这位“逆袭强者”的硬汉面孔下还感受到了一颗柔软却坚毅的心。回顾07年《集结号》血拼《投名状》,14年《智取威虎山》血战《一步之遥》,15年《老炮儿》公映后的拍片低迷,博纳总裁于东也表示:“张涵予是当之无愧的国产主旋律电影票房逆袭王”。 (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

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